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  1. i'm very happy about the new guys as well -- but i'm starting to worry about the ratio here. we can only take about 19 more male posters before we need to add another female. ps. once you reach 20 posts you are eligible for facebook friendship.
  2. someone on these boards used to beg me to come visit her in [redacted]. i could never go 'cause i was always too busy banging hot chicks all day. looks like i missed the boat on that one, oh well ..... i forgot her name already but i think she was a red-head... I think he meant FLOP as in choked -- not FLOP as in taking dives... u wanna see some flops u gotta watch chile. everyone should watch chile anyways -- they're a very creative, attack-minded band of drama queens and are my dark horse in this cup.. ps. i like cocker spaniels 'cause their ears look like oatmeal raisin cookies.
  3. tim can you help me with my back end and similar jokes??
  4. A) You need to chuck that iphone in the gar-bage and get yourself a samsung galaxy with that superfast 4G. GHOST BONER -- MEAT SO RARE, IT'S NOT EVEN THERE!!!!!! Love the music. Really cool, dude.
  5. wo hayes. nice fb profile pic. never noticed that before. the person that drew that must be pretty ill at arts and crafts - what do you guys think?? edit: and handsome
  6. so last weekend Jessica chipped her tooth on my hard [redacted] and now things are SOOO different. for starters, she took away my blue light saber -- and now she makes me be gimli. i'm ALWAYS legolas, and she knows that.
  7. can you please make 'home debo' ??? also i've got some ideas for 'soul copter' and i'm gonna message you on FB about it.
  8. SO PUMPED. The only perk of working the night shift is being able to FINALLY catch all the games. Yesterday I woke up and was like HMMMMM do I wear Spain or Netherlands??? (<< joke, clearly I was going to wear the dutch jersey -- i only own a spain jersey 'cause my sister studied abroad there). Best of luck to your Brits -- their ugly ass dump and chase methods just might work this evening (<<half joking because british soccer is MAD ugly but I always root for you guys and will be wearing my english national knockoff all day long). Umm let's see -- I should probly make a joke but I don't feel that funny which is bad 'cause i have a [redacted] show in 2 hours.. ....and the new US kits are sexy as fuck and we're gonna win the cup (<< that's the punchline).
  9. okay, so i'll elaborate a bit. i'm 24 but i haven't cried since the second grade. i have my own insurance and i use it to meet hot nurses. i have a thing for apple slices.
  10. 24 lennon parham/jessica st. clair -- who's ur favorite soccer ball?? matt gouhly -- which dead actors also auditioned for the part of ghost dad??
  11. hey cool stuff brr, u like wes montgomery?? he's my fav. jazz guitar player to study... i'm too shy to post the earnest stuff on here but my facebook franz might get to hear some stuff p soon
  12. my band practice was canceled so i used the time to make this instead.... don judge, i don't actually play lap steel i'm just messin around. https://soundcloud.c.../small-potatoes edit: val i hope you don mind that i changed tha lyrics slightly...
  13. its a locals only wave bro tourists like jeffrey parties could never get curly in such heavy agua. i tried to call jordy but his fucking phone got eaten by a shark again.
  14. i would kill for a bad-ass hashtag like #badcharlie you gotta just ride this wave chanson
  15. might as well toss a #YesAllJenniferAnistonsandUsAsWell into the mixer.
  16. agata rocket in my pocket in a roll in my walk!!!! EDIT: i can be funnier than this but i'm trying to peak on page 4.
  17. the punchline is the funny part
  18. did you guys hear about the pigmentless polygamist??
  19. this is the mecca -- http://www.alluc.to/...ine/466006.html edit: you're welcome.
  20. has anyone else on this board never listened to another earwolf podcast?? when i first downloaded the podcasts app, RSS was in it's first week. it showed up in the recently added category and i just randomly clicked on it 'cause whatever -- i was waiting for the j train, why not? i listen to a fly fishing podcast and i hear stern and opie & anthony every morning (not by choice -- my desk is next to their engineers..) but if i WERE to listen to one -- which one is the funniest? plz discuss.
  21. freja talks to me about wet cat food and stuff on facebook right now
  22. grizzly wintergreen. vaya con dips, pussies.
  23. ur post about being from an asshole town filled with shitty people (or something to that effect) reminded me of this song. all you flyover fuckheads might get down on this jam. http://doozies.bandcamp.com/track/trashcan-u-s-a
  24. Hey Tim, I got a great deal on these cut-off shorts -- they we're half-off. (four people laugh and 60 people think 'damnnit -- why can't an appetizer count towards my 2 drink minimu Oh yeah and my favorite dick joke is from this kyle mooney sketch it goes the principal yelled at me today -- my dick's too big.