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  1. #JusticeforCharlie






    Aww shucks, thanks Joe. I really should start trying to posting some funny good jokes.


    In other news, I matched with a girl on tinder the other day and YOU were our mutual friend and I said to myself β€˜if this girl survived the great joe mcgurl facebook purge of 2015 she must be pretty alright and I should probably take her for a hot meal @ the sizzler’

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  2. hey guys. thanks! on to the notes:


    charlie: glad to see joe still shows up for the important stuff! still, more questions than answers here. what's that third sign say, that's a big one. and who's that guy at the end? does he want to be a fan of our show? based on the rest of this video we could use him.


    First of all -- great video, thanks for including me everybody. The facebook thread that cooked this up was truly epic and it inspired me to turn off banner notifications on my superfast 4g.


    To answer your question Hayes, the third sign reads: β€œhow to weld when it’s sunny outside.” It’s pretty similar to normal welding….only shirtless. The other dude in the vid has been friends with Joe and I since T-Ball. We convinced him to move out to NY and now we all live together. He’s wants you to know that he’s a huge hayes head.


    Hope your birthday was swell.

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  3. I've got an idea for a podcast/radio show I think could be very entertaining and there's a serious need for collaboration. I need people that hit different gender/age/maturity demographics conducting interviews. It's gonna be comedy all the way and every week will have a new topic so there's tons of room for writing bits etc... if you're interested, email me and i'll give you the concept of the show. I'm trying to put together two airchecks and then pitch it at [redacted] where I work. I'm at charles.h.moos@gmail.com

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  4. oh and to answer bozos' question -- I discovered the reality show show in its 2nd week on the iTunes comedy charts. number freakin 1 if I remember correctly...either way -- I had never heard another earwolf podcast (and up until recently, refused to do so) and was immediately taken with S + H. so taken, in fact, that I created a parody podcast called the reality show show show. S + H became big fans and they called me their grasshopper and they said now that you're a grasshopper you can fly. and I did. I flew so high. I flew so high that S + H became the grasshopper for a moment. the reality show show show had eclipsed its predecessor and scott anchorman was having none of it. he was after this grasshopper. he was like I WANT THIS GRASSHOPPER DEAD!! only I wasn't a grasshopper anymore -- I was a blackbelt -- second degree denzel -- chopping down racial barriers like bertier and Julius. I was the titans and scott anchorman was like the rich kids from the sandlot -- SO I STOLE HIS THEME SONG. and started cruising on my bike to booker t and the mg's .. kk I gotta get back to work. superbowl's comin' up. love everyone. sean and hayes are the best podcasters -- I take it all back.

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  5. yes and I know that sincerity is for pages 1-3 but since thinkofthechildren jus did it, I wanna say that this ep was REAL solid -- erin gibson was rull clevr, and hayzie bone had some pretty impressive fast ones....


    ….but even though i listened to the episode yesterday – i’m still waiting for one of the boys to make a superfast 4g joke. i saw it comin and I was like o u dirti dirti dogzz -- GIVE IT 2 ME RUFFF -- but it never came. I luv mai boiz but the only plausible explanation is a hamburger sandwich in the mouth.


    anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about needs to go 2 church >>>



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  6. aww geez. that looked fun. i had a friggin hawt night of reconciliation with my #1 bed-piss lady that rendered me unable to join forces with the A-team (you guys)....but i would have liked to jam some sesh and i also have an array of weapons including battarangs (batman's throwing knives), ninja throwing stars, an umbrella with a hidden sword inside, a red ryder bb gun, and a crossbow pistol. i'll come back when i'm feeling ambitious enough to read all these comments.

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  7. Interned for them for two semesters. I used to build a lot tube amps and that's pretty much what I did when I was there. Class A stuff mainly, but also some plate-starved stuff that could conceivably have been made into a pedal. Oliver graduated from my program at NYU and is a certified cool-dude who's up there with burdrulz and michael bay of preezewood. (joe mcgurl is the #1 handsome boy and sean and hayes are my heroes)

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