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  1. mjs_2034

    Iron Sky (2012)

    50 years in the future danger lurks on the dark side of the moon. Aliens? Nope. Nazis from the 40's? Yup. The Nazis are pissed about losing the war so they bounce to the moon without anybody noticing. In that time, they manage to not only build a fleet of space zeppelins, but turn the moon into their own Nazi Deathstar. In present day, a black astronaut is sent to the moon by President "Not Sarah Palin" in order to gain votes in the next election because sending a black man to the moon "would be cool". Well, once he's there he gets captured by Nazis who simply wear gas masks in space, which is actually unnecessary when it's later revealed that space is composed of oxygen....So anyway, after he gets captured, they inject him with a substance that turns him into michael jackson so that he can get them close to the president so that they can take over the world? I wouldn't want to give away any more crucial spoilers but here's the film summed up in one line: "So you're a former dead black model who after a weekend on the moon, returned to Earth as a white hobo?" It's on Netflix instant. Watch it. Do it.
  2. mjs_2034

    Pearl Harbor

    you make a good point Sir. That being said, you can't have a podcast like this and not do at least one Michael Bay disaster and why not this opus set from the point of view of the bomb?
  3. mjs_2034

    Pearl Harbor

    I still don't understand why you guys haven't done a single one of the travesties known as Michael Bay films. Granted I can see how it would be a little too obvious, but there are some horrors in this world that just can't go ignored. Literally. Pearl Harbor is a shame cast down upon America by one of its own sons and I'm only one of countless millions who had their beautiful memorial day weekend ruined by this egomaniacal hack Michael Bay. Plus, how could anyone not like destroying Michael Bay for an hour?
  4. mjs_2034

    ThanksKilling (2009)

    Who doesn't love holiday horror movies? Black Christmas, Jack Frost, Jim Carrey covered in green fur... However, Thanksgiving has long been overlooked, but no more! I present to you 'Thankskilling'! You got your usual slutty teenagers ready for some good ol' vacation but what horrors await these poor unsuspecting no-goodnicks? If you guessed a very pissed off rubber Turkey hand-puppet, you have issues, but you'd be right! Nothing can save you from abysmal editing, ridiculous acting and one of the most ludicrous villains of all time! Streaming on Netlix