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  1. black spot

    Episode 166 — Deranged Penguin

    Is this when we first hear of Stephanie Allyne's puppy Jimmy Stewart character or is this when we find out Stephanie doesn't know what a dog's bark sounds like?
  2. black spot

    Episode 34 — The Dark Planet

    So, if I remember correctly, Sark said this dark planet is the size of Jupiter, correct? If so, and if I did my math right, the amount of human(oid) bodies needed to mash together a Jupiter-sized planet would be 215,554,490,000,000,000,000,000 (or 2.1555449e23 or 215.554 sextillion). So there's that. (This is based on the assumption that Jupiter's volume is 1,431,281,810,739,360 km3 and the volume of a human body is 0.06640 m3.)
  3. black spot

    Episode 23 — Anybody's Game

    Does anybody else think we're about to find out that this whole game is taking place in an office water cooler?