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    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    The amount of time dedicated to just talking about how amazing the big, fake breasts makes me think that hearing these three talk about someone/something like DEADLY WEAPONS starring Chesty Morgan would be pretty hilarious/traumatizing.
  2. DirtyCircle

    Episode 169.5 - Minisode 169.5

    Thank you for those follow up posts Triple_Lindy and SweatyPremise, I merely meant to tease Paul on how he slipped and said what he said. I view it as that the concept of Marxism and it's various forms are brainwashed into American society as evil without a proper understanding of what they stand for. It seemed like he wanted to equate union busting as something bad and in his attempt to grab an appropriate word, he slipped and aligned it with the radical leftists of Marxism. He inadvertently slipped into the "Communism = Evil, Captialism = good" mindset that is much more complex than what it is often depicted, as your posts prove.
  3. DirtyCircle

    Episode 169.5 - Minisode 169.5

    Interesting Freudian Slip there Paul, union busting is bad so it's has to be Communist because Communists are bad, huh? Communists would be for, it would be Conservative Capitalists that would be anti-Union or is Scott Walker and all the other union hating governors communists?
  4. DirtyCircle

    Episode 168.5 - Minisode 168.5

    I say this knowing full well that the HDTGM audience probably doesn't have much crossover with this podcast but there is a podcast called BADASS, BOOBS & BODYCOUNTS which actually appreciates grindhouse films and films like Sedaris' work. BBandBC have covered a few Sedaris films but have also interviewed his widow, Arlene (ep. 20) but also last year (ep. 179), they did a great interview with Rodrigo where he goes deep about his family and Columbia. Rodrigo was just a really great interview and I can't wait to hear this new interview.
  5. DirtyCircle

    Episode 166.5 - Minisode 166.5

    CHOPPING MALL is a masterpiece. Jim Wynorski is on Facebook and shamelessly self-promotes his works as his daily posts. CHOPPING MALL being one of his biggest films, frequently pops up... as well as his other work with Kelli Maroney. I posted to his page and another about the upcoming episode (he's replied) so he already knows to expect it next week. As long as you keep the interview interesting, I can't imagine Jim would be against doing something with Blake Harris to help bring awareness to the film and his most recent efforts, including but not limited to a recent family-friendly "DOGGONE" series with a Jack Russell Terrier.
  6. DirtyCircle

    Episode 163 - The Running Man

    A case for the Athletic Teddy, Michelle Bauer in HELLROLLER:
  7. DirtyCircle

    Episode 82 — Double Team

    Being a kid in the '90s, I ought to remember the games but don't. As for the hair though, I'm pretty sure that I still have one of the color changing cups from McDonald's somewhere....
  8. DirtyCircle

    Episode 82 — Double Team

    Omission/Correction: While it's true that Rodman has been married three times [including Carmen Electra (1998-99)] when you mentioned some of his flamboyancy, you forgot the time he famously wore a wedding dress as a publicity stunt to sell his autobiography, Bad As I Want to Be. Bad As I Want to Be came out in 1996, for the sake of argument- a year before this film was released, so a joke about questioning his sexuality makes a lot of sense. *I live in Illinois and was part of the Chicago Bulls-love that was inescapable at the time and remember all to vividly some of Rodman's antics.
  9. DirtyCircle

    The Ninth Gate (1999)

    This might not be 100% spot on but I have always thought this film was fairly straightfoward in it's symbolic use after the first viewing. (Following was assumed and later pieced together with board posts [imdb, I think] after initial viewing.) -Who is Green Eyes? >"Green Eyes" is the devil. Frank Langella is trying to acquire the powers of the devil but he is not the chosen one, the devil has decided Depp's character is more acceptable and has decided to guide/protect him through his journey before finally becoming one with him (the ending, which is purely symbolic as it's depicts the forged union between the two.) This is also the reason for the flying, lack of attention and general badassery. As the devil or "Green Eyes" (played by Polanski's wife) you would expect some sort of general wide range of abilities to overcome any miniscule obstacles that it may face. However, that doesn't mean that you want over-the-top police intanglements. Devil or not, you really can't feasibly go about your sinister business in jail or on the global most wanted list. Corso, I believe, is freaked out by her and acts accordingly, however, she is trying to protect him and while facing constant death by unknown persons, I assumed that he decide it was better to throw his trust into someone than facing death headlong, alone. Also, remember "God" is mostly hands-off on humans anymore. So your joke about killing whomever whenever is largely off. It really depends but God doesn't interfere but the Devil has free reign. --- Personally, I wouldn't agree that HDTGM should do a ep on this. Not quite insane enough.
  10. DirtyCircle

    Jack and Jill (2011)

    I would like to resurrect this topic and in it's proper place! I have never seen Jack & Jill nor have I ever wanted to. For a number of years I haven't been able to look at Adam Sandler films without sighing. I used to love Sandler films but at some point they just began looking so awful I can't ever make it through trailers for them- which is why HDTGM needs to do this film. Sometimes I think June is underused. Justin can be funny but he can also be a little annoying at times leaving me to think that it would be nice to have the show shift focus every once in a while and for once have June helm the show. I hate that every time June starts going somewhere deep, she becomes a punching bag. In the most recent episode 'Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!' Justin was hilarious and had me laughing aloud at his whole need-to-talk-to-her schtick but afterwords, in reflection, I felt empty and robbed at not hearing a nice insight to June's views. I don't remember who but I distinctively remember a reviewer being targeted for having a positive take on Jack & Jill and it's precieved social commentary, meaning June's stance is not unheard of. By having preceived social commentary being touched upon in a episode of HDTGM, every once in a while, would add a nice dynamic and understanding of a world view that your listeners may lack. I came to love this show and only recently finished listening to every episode released (minus half of the minisodes) and would like to give my vote that serious conversing about films wouldn't be too terrible. I love the film dumping and don't want it to go anywhere but I personally find the episodes most intriguing when the love of the film is clearly shown. Birdemic, The Room, Sleepaway Camp, Crank- I haven't seen any of these films but I can tell you that I literally feel pain at not seeing them based solely on the love that they recieve here. If HDTGM did Jack & Jill, I can't deny that there may yet be a chance I will change my opinion and watch it just to try to understand June's look at it. By giving June a chance to really shine and have a episode where her viewpoint (persumably w/ backup so she's not alone) is showcased, the show could only become better. Otherwise, what is the point in even having June here on this show? She has said before how she likes alot of these films and the fact that you (Earwolf... or Paul... or whomever) does not use this and at least try making a show where everyone can play at their strengths to not only entertain but to also teach, is very very sad. Even if, as listeners, we look at June's view of a film and disagree think she is nuts- I for one think it would be nice to go into a film or rewatch one for the sole purpose to disect and reexamine it in an alternate light. P.S. Yeah, what is up with Bynes? Seriously, when it was Britney Spears or Lohan, people jumped on that craziness faster than you can say their names but Bynes is somehow allowed to continue going off in this seriously frightening direction. Crazy.