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    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    So many things to talk about in this movie. - First I want to mention one of the craziest things in this movie. When Finn's son is in the closet with his other pilot school buddies someone in Finn's crew mentions the sharks. The son then exclaims "sharks?!!!". Meaning they did not know about the sharks and decided to hide in that closet long before news of the sharks broke out. How long were they hiding in that closet? Why didn't they check the news at all? Upon first hearing about the storm did they all just decide "let's hide in this closet" and never had any plans to leave it? - Another scene I love is the scene where Tara yells into her iPhone "call son". Again there in a crisis and instead of just calling the son she's trying to use the voice control (which we all know doesn't work that well). And she does it (as she does everything in this movie) in the laziest manner ever. She just can't be bothered looking up her son in her contacts. - I also love the reason they don't tell Finn anything is cause Tara's boyfriend told them he doesn't need to know that stuff anymore. They'll listen to the mom's random boyfriend more then there own father. And to top it off there is just no explanation for why they distrust their father so much. - I want to mention the store that they visit. In normal apocalypse movies the store is completely looted and the protagonist crew has to search through the store for any supplies that are left. In this movie the store was completely organized. In this crisis no one decide to get supplies from the store. The store owner is just happily running his store (and I bet he's the real store owner who let them use the store in order to be in the movie). And on top of that Finn's crew is acting like they do in those apocalypse movies. Carefully searching the store for supplies as if their not obviously in front of them. -Does anyone remember how Finn's son got his scar? Answer he fell... off a slide. God knows how he got such a big scar from a slide. -Finally I love how in the beginning of the movie after Finn's store gets attacked by sharks everyone keeps mentioning how much it raining. No one really mentions the crazy shark attacks. And then to prove to the audience that it is indeed raining a lot they do like 5mins of b-roll of the rain.
  2. Patrick Brazil

    Episode 63.5 — Minisode 63.5

    Thanks for the shout out Paul Scheer. This really made my day. One of my best accomplishments! Though there's one more correction. I am a MAN! It's Patty as in a nickname for Patrick/an Irishman and Bs for my last name Brazil. I will still enjoy being the Queen of the week. Could I get tickets to your live NYC podcast though for me and my GF as retribution though? Please! I'll pay double or more.
  3. Patrick Brazil

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    Some other great things - All the bad guys have foreign accents while the good guys without any accent despite a wide range of ethnicity. - When Vin Diesel sees the picture of Letty for the first time the Brazilian chicks asks "it's a picture of Letty, isn't it" instead of just looking at the goddamn photo - Every women is so understanding of anything and everything the guys decide to do. Whether it's leaving their newborn baby to go on a dangerous mission or just leaving the women to find an ex-lover. - I love The Rock's assistant. Every one of her lines were just added on from someone else's line. Like the Rock would say something like we've got some Intel and she would just say it's good Intel. She could have never spoken throughout the movie and it would've made no difference. - When Gisele and the guys find the bad guy who shoots that spear she says, "You forget one thing, he's a man". Roman is completely baffled by this. He acted as if he didn't understand what she meant. Also she never really uses her sexuality to take advantage of the guy. They just sort of beat him up. Also did anyone else think Ludacris seemed tired in every scene. All his lines felt like he was half-asleep. Which is crazy since this movie is so action packed
  4. Patrick Brazil

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    Here are some amazing things they missed: - After Gisele dies Han hits the bad guy into the propeller of the plane. Upon hitting the propeller the bad guy proceeds to blow up like a robot. Literal sparks fly out of the propeller. No blood or bones just an explosion of sparks. This leads me to believe that they are all robot (it would explain a lot). - During one scene the Rock asks Ludacris to cross reference something on his computers. Ludacris then types some stuff into the computer and then on the computer screen in giant letters is the word "cross referencing". - Finally you missed my favorite line of the whole movie. After Vin Diesel flies out of the car to save Letty, he and her have a talk in the military base. She then asks him something along the lines of "How did you know there would be a car there to break our fall?" and Vin Diesel replies "I didn't". This implies that if the car wasn't there they would have died which makes no sense. A car doesn't break your fall much more then cement. And the best part is this line is said completely serious in a very dramatic tone. In no other world except fast and furious would you ever think, "Thank God there was a car there to break my fall!"..
  5. Patrick Brazil

    Episode 61 — Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

    Did anyone else notice the strange upskirt of the mom that the biker gets?