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    Tango and Cash

    Tango and Cash is the worst movie that I can watch over and over and over..
  2. Ok im in IT and I have NO CLUE how to pitch a movie.. actually, I don't have the full movie idea planned out.. What I do have.. is an incredible concept.. Jason, Paul, and the very HOT June are doing their thing.. Movie Reviews.. But.. they pissed off one producer or director.. I don't know.. who would be the most vested in a movie review?? So the pissed off person does something to jeopardize the world.. or maybe just Hollywood.. or he / she kidnaps one of you.. (like I said.. I don't have the details.. just the concept).. with that said.. the HDTGM crew are the only ones that can stop him.. The major focus of my concept is as follows... The movie is made with all the bad attributes of the movies you guys review.. take all the bad characters, plots, dialog, special effect, etc.. and make this movie with all those attributes. basically, you are making the HDTGM movie a candidate for the HDTGM podcast. Well, what do you think???