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    Harris I cannot tell you how much I love this premise! As a casual Phish fan I have to listen to both sides of this argument often, and it is usually awful to listen to. However, this show is amazing! Because I usually root for the loser of anything (the crappy team in sports, the seal in Trials of Life, Jesus in modern day society), I really want you to win a battle. What we need is a better attack. I am sure you have heard this argument before,but I would like to reiterate. Every time I listen to a live anything I am turned off of it. That is to say unless I have heard that band live and enjoyed my experience. Now listening to that band live fires my mirror neurons causing me to empathize with my last experience. Therefore, every time I listen to a live CD with others who have not I am loving the experience in a way they cannot. So I think you should stick to the studio albums when introducing this to other people. I also really think you should introduce this to other people, because I am loving every minute of it. Perhaps a good person to have on next is Jimmy Pardo. During the interview/imposition he can try to get you to like Chicago. Love it keep it up!
  2. I feel bad about it, but I want you guys to discuss this film. I am not sure if you can get through the whole thing (my friends and I used to try to make it passed 20 min), but I am sure you will end up with the titular line: How did this get made? Also, please invite Matt Walsh. His comedy is some of the best, and tends to last longer than most. Thank you guys for an hour of hilarity!