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  1. Rivalcycle

    Congo (1995)

    Did you give her the banana with the dope inside?
  2. Rivalcycle

    The Host (2013)

    (Combine if there's another thread) How in the world did this film slip by the scrutinizing eyes of the HDTGM community? http://www.rottentom.../the_host_2013/ With an impressive score of 9% on the Freshness Scale, this movie is perfect. Just watch this trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOP2zX6KuD0 Clearly trying to ride off that dwindling Twilight craze and the popularity of something like The Hunger Games. This movie is all kinds of pandering bullshit haha.
  3. Rivalcycle

    Temptation - Tyler Perry

    His movies usually breakdown into really ham-fisted morality tales. Totally hokey and completely obvious from the get go.
  4. Rivalcycle

    Temptation - Tyler Perry

    Ok, maybe picking a Tyler Perry movie is low hanging fruit. But did you see that trailer?! Sweet-Tap-Dancing-Christ! Good lord. Guy scrapped the bottom of the "straight to dvd" erotic thriller cliche barrel.
  5. Rivalcycle

    Demolition Man

    My friend always claimed to know how to use the shells... Also my first rated R film. Nothing says "youre a man now" like holographic titties.