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    EPISODE 385 β€” The Beatles of Cults

    I think it's around mid Nov? You're right though it is getting pretty late in the year. this episode reconfirms that Mulaney is one of the funniest people in the world. And whoa Scotty I didn't know Shaun white was dating the girl from Phantogram.they make good, uh, music.
  2. monster fuck 1-4 is one of my favorite things ever.
  3. freeagent

    EPISODE 349 β€” The 6th Anniversary Show!

    i just relistened to this over the past 2 days and it is too dam. good. every character cracked me up. 2.5 hours of comedy gold.
  4. super excited the creepies returned! i laughed hysterically imagining the remaining 3 3 foot tall monsters come into the room then immediately run away. i love these Halloween eps. They are as important to Halloscream as pumpkins and trick or treating.
  5. freeagent

    EPISODE 255 β€” An All New Era

    i know different strokes for different folks and all. Some people just like hearing kulap, hk, and stard. others like the guest comments on the charts etc. i fall into the latter. Don't get me wrong, kulap and howard are the reason I tune in but I love hearing them interact with the guests regarding the charts. Having the guest only in the last third of the show seems a little odd and i agree with others that the music chart and then some unrelated topic seems a little odd. I like how the older model would allow for the show to organically go off the rails. I also like hearing a guest's take on pop culture stuff that I might not generally hear about. How else would I have known Lauren Lapkus' thoughts on Taylor Swift, Harris wittels' 1D fandom, and Scott Aukerman's awesome taste in pop music that mirrors my own. I know this is the first show of the new era and the new themes are great and everything just needs time to settle in so we'll see how it goes. I'm a loyal Chartist
  6. freeagent

    EPISODE 382 β€” Doing It The Savage Way

    Please go into every one and pretend to fall asleep on a mattress. I hear the salesmen love it!
  7. freeagent

    EPISODE 382 β€” Doing It The Savage Way

    Not to seem disrespectful but i had no idea who Wayne Federman was as I listened to this episode. He was super funny on it just couldn't place him. Then I saw the photo and was like "OHHH THAT GUY!!!" I've seen him in soooo many things. Anyways, the first segment of this show was great. Fred Savage really seemed to get a kick out of being on. Gourley was great as usual. A highly PLEASURABLE episode
  8. freeagent

    EPISODE 381 β€” Kitchen Stand-Up

    very bearable? i dunno he is pretty low key and it's a pretty funny episode. even if you don't like him i think you'll like him with Nathan.
  9. freeagent

    EPISODE 379 β€” Realies and Fictionals

    this episode was good stuff. Scott had so many throw away lines and Gino cracked me up. Btw everyone has weird favorite food choices. One more thing FUCK TWIZZLERS. They are like the Pepsi of the licorice world. Red Vines is always #1.
  10. freeagent

    EPISODE 379 β€” Realies and Fictionals

    I'm 31 and i am also such a man who watched both. my brother and I used to think that rosebud peas commercial on the critic was the funniest thing in the world. I bought the complete critic just for that scene.
  11. freeagent

    EPISODE 376 β€” Romantic Tommy D

    Let's go girls!
  12. the rap sounded like a legit Macklemore song. i couldn't stop laughing when Roxy wanted to have her hair tied to a tailpipe and get dragged around slowly to scratch her back.
  13. freeagent

    EPISODE 377 β€” Good Night In The Morning

    i have to listen to this again. it was hands down one of the funniest cbbs ever. and Arphan Black? what about ARFAN Black and it's about clone dogs
  14. man I lost it when tiny Ho Ho jump kicked Scott in the face. and someone call Claudia O'Doherty because Scott was doing a pretty good snake impression here. animations like these are great. awesome stuff.
  15. freeagent

    EPISODE 376 β€” Romantic Tommy D

    i know claudia o'D'oherty was basically always playing herself but didn't she used to be playing like a kid version? and in this episode she just said she was 31 which is funny because it brings a whole new level of weirdness to the story. Like, her mother is trying to get her 30 year old daughter out of the house and arranging these elaborate contests?
  16. freeagent

    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    the farting scene was reaaallly disturbing just because it's an authentic scene and those noises sound REAL. Most movies would leave out the fart sounds. The kid in this movie was great. A legitimately great performance!
  17. freeagent

    EPISODE 376 β€” Romantic Tommy D

    I think your autocorrect was wonky so I fixed your post. Always love when COD is on the show and Hines was great. I had to relisten to Never the Twains Shall Meet as soon as it was over. It was too good.
  18. freeagent

    Bad Joke

    Correct me if I'm wrong but Paul and Jason are from NYC or spent a lot of time there. they might have even been in the city that day. I don't thing they need reminding of how awful of a tragedy it was. The jokes are just broad references, it's not like they are personally making fun of people that died that day.
  19. freeagent

    Road House Remake!?

    hahahaha seriously. what does her being attractive have to do with this role? It's not like it matteref if Patty Shwayze was attractive but the movie is still incredible. Anyways I think the suggestion of Mirren as the Elliot character was pretty great. I'll probably watch this depending on who ends up rounding out the supporting cast.
  20. freeagent

    EPISODE 117 - Theodore Rex: LIVE!

    i heard that and was just wondering: had the guy gotten out of his seat to take the picture? and doesn't Paul usually say you can take pictures AT THE END of the show? like the group poses or whatever? i guess there is always that guy though. I'm disappointed there wasn't more of a discussion about Teddy and Molly dancing in his room and totally getting ready to dino bone. They woulda got it on if Whoopi didn't interrupt.
  21. freeagent

    EPISODE 249 β€” Wrecking Ball Improv

    fun episode but how did kulap not know benny schwaz is in that man on wire movie. cheerleader is such a dumb song but I can't stop singing it if i hear it. I've taken to listening to the Pentatonix version if i must hear it.
  22. freeagent

    EPISODE 248 β€” Scarf Face

    hey now, Kanye was only in attendance at that fireworks display! Twas Kendall or Kylie who had set it up for their boyfriend's birthday.
  23. freeagent

    EPISODE 373 β€” Vocal Fry

    the Tiny fainting bit still makes me crack up and I'm glad Scott finally got some serious call sheet answers. Hilarious episode but i pray they do not keep Willie's tag on the end of the plugs theme.
  24. freeagent

    EPISODE 372 β€” Motown Tea

    John Lennon is definitely one of my favorite characters these days. My eyes light up when I see Hanford's name in the description. Another winner. and whoa I wish I still had ny premium cable package so I could see A$AP Rocky on CBB this week.
  25. this was great. i love when the eps are more on the crazy end of the spectrum.