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  1. freeagent

    EPISODE 371 — You Got PreDICted!

    Hey hey happy birthday...and I'm just realizing this also dropped on MY birthday!
  2. freeagent

    EPISODE 370 — The Brochelor

    that was a really good theme side note :I'm glad there was no tag added to the CUTPB theme. Leggero's laugh is the perfect ending for it.
  3. freeagent

    EPISODE 370 — The Brochelor

    I'm going from android to apple in a couple of months so I'll be getting howl at that time. i really like the logo for it. anyways dammit this was a good episode. I think Scott may be talking about Evol chicken apple sausage breakfast burritos. they are pretty good. I love Gourley on this show. I only really hear him on this and I was there too but he's always such a charmer.
  4. freeagent

    EPISODE 369 — The Hotwives of Las Vegas

    those "lazy improv" bits were some of my favorite parts of the show. I really enjoyed this ep and learning about the baking of the Hotwives bread.
  5. freeagent

    EPISODE 369 — The Hotwives of Las Vegas

    I assume since he used to perform at UCB some of these hot wives actually know him as Donald Glover. He was even on early an early ep of CDR. that and he is credited in the movie as donald glover, not Childish Gambino. And maybe they just simply haven't heard of Childish Gambino, there are multiple possibilities.
  6. freeagent

    EPISODE 368 — Ric Bic For President

    this post has been brought to you by Leesa
  7. freeagent

    EPISODE 367 — Bits, Riffs, and Friendships

    i just read avclub's review of the bill cosby bukowski episode and Jon Daly has every right to be upset, almost the whole thing is a big dump on the character. anyways this episode was outstanding from the catchphrase on. these 3 guys are perfect for each other.
  8. i haven't listened yet but these pictures make me inexplicably happy. like I'm not meeting U2 but I just have the big stupid grin on my face and am super excited for Scott and Scott.
  9. i have to say I enjoyed Scott's determined extension of talking about True Detective and I agree with his judgment of it. I think my favorite part of this pcast was when Scott was worried Clooney might be pranking him. anyways I LOVE THIS SHOOOOOW!!!
  10. well...i bought my tickets BEFORE haim was added to the lineup but I'm so glad they were. anyways I'm going in LA. the show is gonna be greaaaaaat.
  11. freeagent

    EPISODE 366 — Cafeteriapalooza

    i see "to the nines"
  12. freeagent

    EPISODE 366 — Cafeteriapalooza

    yeah, very enjoyable stories about Robin Williams. That makes 2 CBBs this year that brought out the waterworks (NFAP4). Bobcat is a great guest. Wish he was on more often because he was really enjoying Frank Frank. I love Wengerts characters. they are so droll but hilarious. Russ from Ross was great and his multi episode reveal that he was playing Scrooge Mcduck was as well. Was this Hines' 1st appearance? good stuff all around! I hope the closing up the plug bags tags are finely done. it's so long and Natasha's laugh at the end is the perfect tag.
  13. freeagent


    Another wish, Scott performs a live show and resurrects "Weirder Scott" while Jason just mocks him after each song.
  14. freeagent


    I wish Jason would take over my Twitter for a day...and he has to tweet multiple times from it.
  15. freeagent

    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    ughhh this episode was so good. dammit Comedy Bang Bang is my favorite content in the world.
  16. freeagent

    EPISODE 364 — The Marm of Smarm Returns

    hahaha i was thinking the same thing because it took a while to register that he was there to promote smosh. thinking back it is even more hilarious because of how Scott said this was ONE thing he was extremely proud of and then I sat and thought of everything amazing MIB has been in. yes that was amazing. I was disappointed that Todd's question regarding MIB being upset about Men In Black went unnoticed due to a break. I forgot how much I love Todd and Lauren's other characters like Mizz Chips and the AFV singer. More please!
  17. freeagent

    EPISODE 362 — RomanTig

    this episode was great. i think everyone covered the parts i wanted to hit on but it just makes me wish tig was more of a cbb regular
  18. freeagent

    EPISODE 360 — Snow Dome

    I REALLY like jimmy pardo, but I have just never really gotten into his podcast. I have seen him warming up the Conan crowd a few times and he is great. Every other thing has been earwolf related (UTU2TM, CBB eps, CBB tv show) and he always kills me on those. anyways, perfectly OK episode with some great LOL moments. Like every time Ahmad would be yelling at someone as soon as they unmuted themselves I lost it.
  19. Someone asked who would perform a song about the turtles if it was made today. well, it already happened for last year's reboot. wiz khalifa, juicy j, and Ty Dolla $ign - Shell Shocked
  20. loved the Chips and Amanda Knox cameos. Such a great episode.
  21. freeagent

    EPISODE 239 — Summah Waves of Feminism

    honey, I'm good = cotton eye Joe? thanks guys. i try not to just hate songs because different strokes but that song is just very,very bad. Since this is the "adult top 40" chart or whatever i wonder if this is the stuff moms like when driving around town? Emily is a great Ku stand in, as always, and James is killer. Dusted of his Huell and had a great Jerrod Carmichael.
  22. freeagent

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    hilarious episode. i was working while listening so i just didn't notice the whole pronunciation debacle. if anybody hasnt seen this and is thinking about it, just go buy it. you'll thank me later.
  23. in agreement with you there. IIRC the sequels couldn't even get all 3 of the original actors back together, right? bte in this era of 90s nostalgia where the hell is my 3 ninjas reboot/reunion?! hey now it was a 10 pm show and you are going out for the night? i think most people can throw on some jeans. unless it's like super hot then whatever, you have the right to bare legs.
  24. I just ordered 3 ninjas on dvd. i watched that once a week when i was growing up. i don't think it's THAT HDTGM worthy. Surf Ninjas though...that is another abomination altogether. anyways... so the guy in the audience was really going to propose,right? if so...what the hell was he thinking? for starters...HDTGM is probably not the best place to do it. Plus...other people probably don't care about your love life to have to sit through your propsal. June is the show's MVP...she brings so much to the table and I miss her point of view when it's gone. Jason gets pretty crazy but he and Paul tend to have similar thoughts on the movie. Pally is an amazing guest and his appearance here just makes me wish he was in more things. When this movie came out I tried to imitate the yoyo scene at the beginning where he is twirling it around his head. I promptly hit myself in the eye.
  25. YES! both great jokes and the "little too..." had me laughing HARD when i was rewatching this. hell, just reading your post had me cracking up again.