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    Episode 222 — A Peanut In The Rain

    Who's zoomin' WHOM? 2 home runs in a row. Brilliant. My-mother-the-car-54-where-are-you?
  2. gonyou

    Episode 220 — 4 PayDays & A Baby

    I'll bet after you listened to it, you were like; "damn, I should've watched some TV"
  3. Ya man, push all those honest feelings deep down and never speak of them again. I mean, imagine how much better the world would be if we never said truthful things and just made people feel good about themselves? Like my Mom used to say, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't join a CBB forum"
  4. I appreciate the apology... Sincerely. You're a bigger man (woman) than I. S I'm still going to have to disagree with your interpretation of what a "troll" is or indeed what an "inflammatory" post is. I honestly didn't think I was being overly snarky.. I was genuinely disappointed with the show. A post from Bucho sort of got me thinking. It is indeed because I LOVE this show so frickin much that when I know how genius they can be, the disappointing ones are especially disappointing. It just so happens that I found the last 2 sub-par, which is unusual. If people legitimately think these episodes were hilarious, than who am I to disagree I just think IF (and I'm not saying this is happening but IF) people are ALWAYS giving nothing but superlative praise it actually diminishes the truly genius episodes. If everything is awesome, than nothing becomes special. For instance, Andy Dalys episode where all his characters successively commit suicide out the studio window was pure gold... Truly special. Like, I honestly can't get my head around comments like this from Valerie Bryant These forums generally are for compliments and praise, partially because it seems mean to say shitty stuff when the people on the show will likely read it. What the hell? Don't be honest about a lame episode because the ARTISTS might be trolling the forum? Irony.
  5. So can someone point me to the forum where people talk honestly about the podcast, warts and all. I just love how when people bring up valid criticism they are labelled "haters" "trolls" "new listeners" or in my case, a "cunt". Why so defensive people? It's like the guests are your immediate family or something. Comedy is subjective but could you at least entertain the possibility that it was more "miss" than "hit"? (Seriously though, where's the forum that talks honestly about this stuff?)
  6. Ok I get the deal now. This forum is more like an exclusive club where you need to "do your time", mind your p's and q's and ease into the first few years with nothing but compliments. Got it. Geez, I hope Scott and his friends don't read this.
  7. Ok... I clearly haven't figured out how to quote other posts yet. I'm old. Johnnyhagis makes a fair point and articulated it well. The Simpsons did a great episode on this... All the people who complain about the Years of free network entertainment. That's fair. BUT regardless of whether its free or not does not exempt you from critique. Once one puts their art out in the pop culture ethos it's fair game for praise and criticism, is it not? Now as for this "troll" bullshit, let me be clear (whether you choose to believe this or not) I've listened to every CBB for the last 4 years, followed comedy death ray before that and mr. Show before that. Even great improvisers need to be aware of stepping on people's jokes and fighting for airtime. Listen to it again and tell me I'm wrong, but even PFT made mention of the cross talk. Still think I'm wrong? Cool. Articulate it. Don't call me a "cunt" and a "douchebag". Is that really how this forum rolls? Or do whatever you want... What am I, your mother?
  8. Oh and I don't have delicate sensibilities...you're just a cunt and internet douchebags like yourself have no place here. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.... I rest my case.
  9. Sorry "Washington monugent". I didn't realize you were policing this forum to keep it as a mutual-admiration-society. I didn't know about the rules of CBB being beyond reproach or critique. I'll "go away" now so as not to offend your delicate sensibilities. Glad to hear you only ALMOST peed your pants. Phew! WOMP IT UP, MY WIIIFFE (Lol, rotfl, , omg, etc.)
  10. Awesome to have 5 people cross-yelling the hell over each other for over an hour. At least it makes for a white-noise hour that will help you fall asleep. I know comedians are competitive but holy shit, what is this?... Doug Loves Movie?