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    Episode 132.5 - Minisode 132.5

    Looking forward to The Quest. Roger Moore had a great line about it when he was still filming ( I think the interview was with Graham Norton) The host asked Sir Rog whether there was filming issues because JCVD height issue. "Because he's much shorter than you isn't he?" "Yes, but it's okay... he jumps up and down a lot"
  2. jonrob5000

    Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

    Of course, she later changed the "i" to an "e", dropped the horror make-up and had much greater success.
  3. jonrob5000

    Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

    Quickly, everyone. To Canada...
  4. jonrob5000

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    For me, it's just what the actual targets were. For example, highlighting that Matthew Lillard's extrovert class clown dresses extrovertly. Well, it's not a unique crime in high school movies. For the HDTGM gang to not get it just rang untrue. A bit weird that Paul chose a 20-year-old film for being the last straw in Taxi Driver impressions too
  5. jonrob5000

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    Usually I love the podcast. Plenty of belly laughs. But there was a lot of reaching to be outraged in this episode and more than a few instances of what sounded like wilful ignorance. Outside of a crappily fantastical representation of the internet and using technology that already seems ridiculously primitive, Hackers is a pretty good 'teen' movie. Parts are outlandish but it's clear that the makers acknowledged that. The lead characters are designed to be a cooler version of regular hackers. The 100% accurate version of this film would be a very dull, very quiet experience. The dress sense fits with the era, if a little after the fact. It's more a early 90s West Coast style - Jane's Addiction ish. You know, before grunge came in and turned it all plaid and jeans. But given that these characters are meant to be cliquey and set apart from the regular kids, criticising them for dressing weird - especially when it's set in New York. - makes no sense. I have to add that convincing people that a large building they are new to has a swimming pool is incredibly easy. I don't know about going so far as convincing them to go up through a fire escape to the roof, but say something with enough confidence, people will buy it. The soundtrack is great. Possibly the first time a Hollywood film got the music right for 90s youth culture (okay, apart from the Squeeze track). Still, the episode was worth it for "What's its mission?"
  6. jonrob5000

    Van Helsing (2004)

    Definitely has to be done. Complete and utter garbage that should work on paper. What's worse? The ropey effects, the fact that Jackman is in a coat so voluminous he can't act out of it. The strong hints - that quickly get dropped - of Van Helsing really being the Angel Gabriel with amnesia? This film is the perfect HDTGM subject. Big -very sexy - stars, legendary characters, big (at the time)