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    Episode 153 — The Native American Costume

    Of course it can be, and is both. It is the only racist joke I have ever thought of, and I appreciate that it might technically be a joke, but I get that it is neither funny or non-insulting. I also am fully aware it is utterly off-topic.
  2. gaijintendo

    Episode 153 — The Native American Costume

    Is my joke racist: Japanese people think the new iPhone voice controlled assistant is "Silly" I appreciate it is a bad joke as you have to know the name of the virtual iphone assistant, and rhotics. But is it racist? A lot of your podcasts come down to stereotypes being the core of a lot of issues, so I am pretty sure it would qualify with ease.
  3. gaijintendo

    Episode 127 — LIVE from Bridgetown 2013

    Thanks @chmod for the background. Peter if a fantastic talent, and hilarious on TV, his twitter account and his youtube videos. Inspired. Better interview here with Richard Herring. First Comment and first Who Charted? for me. Based on these comments will assume the rest are a bit tighter.