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  1. Odds the next Doctor will be another male is 1/4096 by my calculations. (assuming the next is the 12th doctor & 50/50 for each gender)

  2. My greatest fear is that a wasp will fly into my can of Fanta when I am not looking.

  3. Umph, all my washing got rained on. I knew I should have taken Smoke City more seriously.

  4. MORE TH>N / RSA are bawbags.

  5. My flies are dropping like flies!

  6. You get a better class of wino in Glasgow's West end http://t.co/5K7hII0HcJ

  7. I am embarrassed that I was once young too.

  8. my Vienetta seems a little disappointing http://t.co/mUO4Ay2t3g

  9. Apart from the obvious benefit when diving through it, how does the lack of beam in the Ford B-Max help?

  10. I just got referred to as an "unusual gentleman", by the person I offered my seat to.

  11. I assume that is the plot of Paul (with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) but I can't be bothered to find out.


  13. Steve Coogan does a great Alan Partridge impression.

  14. Counting pixels, I make the Xbox One face to be 30.5cm by 6cm which is 1.5cm longer than a ps3 slim, but obviously in a box, no curves.


  16. Al from Quantum Leap dresses as if the 80s didn't stop. That is what 1995 would have looked like, if you could plot a line in trends.

  17. Delicious Swiss cards will be mine

  18. Abelmosk is a flower, which is the longest word I have seen with its letters in alphabetical order. http://t.co/qw0Jv62Z6k

  19. Suggestion: Talk like a Poirot day

  20. I am watching Quantum Leap.

  21. You have to pay more to get a headboard WITHOUT diamante studs in it. That is how crap diamante is.

  22. Oh, fizzy humus! I am well behind schedule