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  1. Ghost_Host_999

    Twister (1996)

    I still have scars on my arm from when the girl I was seeing this with in the theater dug her nails into me when the dad gets sucked up out of the shelter in the beginning. Then we have the cow...endless shots of cars on country roads...and enough CGI crap filling the action scenes that even George Lucas was like, "WTF?"
  2. Ghost_Host_999

    Time After Time

    This really was a superb piece of film making. I love the scene in the hotel room where Jack The Ripper shows Wells just how wrong he was about the future. That was very well written and brilliantly acted.
  3. Ghost_Host_999

    KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978)

    If I remember right, this was first broadcast on Halloween night. I seem to remember rushing home from trick or treating just to see it. (Hey, I was only 4).
  4. Actually saw this in the theater...never have I ever heard an audience sound so confused at the gaps in logic of a film. Lots of "huh?" and "what?" and "how?" were being asked. Between Jason's magic teleportation, the drastic unfathomable change in his appearance, and the simply dreadful/lazily written ending the whole audience was just a milling bundle of dismay.
  5. Ghost_Host_999

    KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978)

    According to Paul Stanley, this was pitched to them as, "A Hard Day's Night" meets "Star Wars", but for those miserable souls who have actually seen this film (and survived) it is a lot closer to "Plan 9 From Outer Space" than the other two films.
  6. Ghost_Host_999

    Orca (1977)

    This would be a very fun movie to hear them try and make sense of. The whale fetus, RIchard Harris just chewing up the scenery, not to mention how a whale (that lives underwater) not only knows about fire but knows how to start one *and* also knows about flammable liquids. Awesome.
  7. Ghost_Host_999

    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990)

    I actually saw this flick in the theater when I was in high school. I think it would be perfect for the show. Entertainingly bad on so many levels. It blows my mind to think someone actually got paid to write that script.
  8. Ghost_Host_999

    Mars Attacks!

    I think the biggest thing for me was that this got billed as a comedy but I don't think I laughed even once. I spent the whole movie waiting for the jokes.
  9. Ghost_Host_999

    The Island of Dr Moreau

    This would be an extremely fun episode. If for no other reason to get the reaction to the WTF moment of not only Brando's stay-puft costuming, but also the weird creepy puppet that's his little sidekick.
  10. Ghost_Host_999

    Demolition Man

    I wonder if this is why they don't touch hands, and the guy freaked out when Stallone shook hands and slapped him on the back.
  11. Ghost_Host_999

    Jaws 3-D (1983)

    There's a few things going on with this movie that demand the attention of the fine folks of this podcast. Biggest things I can think of are: 1) The shark seems determined to *not* eat people: Diver at the beginning gets bitten but not eaten (as evidenced by his body returning). A bunch of water skiers fall down right in front of her and not a single bite to share amongst them. Could not have missed Lea Thompson, but instead looks like the shark ran a single tooth along her leg before demuring. Then the shark has FitzRoyce all the way down it's throat. All she had to do swallow (insert your own joke here) but instead kept him stuck in her mouth like a wad of tobacco. 2) Lazy writing: Stole the major plot elements from an old monster movie called "Gorgo". Also, a reasonably intelligent business man (Calvin) for no good reason other than plot convenience puts a prized captured animal on display when he's already been advised that a) the shark needs time to regain health, and his park is already making 4x more $$ than all the other Sea Worlds. A quadruple knotted nylon safety rope for no explicable reason suddenly parts, sending FitzRoyce into the path of the shark. He decides to bonk the 35 foot oncoming shark on the nose with his helmet rather than simply leapfrogging or swimming over the shark's head. (once you get past the teeth you're basically fine since the shark didn't have enough room to turn around in the pipe...which we'lll address in a minute.) Once again for no other reason than plot convenience, Calvin (instead of waiting for the civilians to be evacuated) makes the decision to suffocate the shark by shutting the pumps off. WHY? At least wait until the 30 or so potential law suits are off your property before you exact vengeance on a fish. 3) CHEAP Special Effects: Now I am not one to piss all over a low budget film, but this is not some indie director putting his visions on celluloid....this is Universal Studios putting out an installment of an established franchise...in fact quite possibly a sequel to the biggest money maker they *ever* had. Now I understand shooting in true 3-D back then was a very expensive process but could we have taken some of that E.T. money and maybe gotten something better than an immobile fiberglass shark model (Jaws Junior), sped up stock footage that doesn't match (shark with rope in its mouth and then not during the capture scene), A sub with disappearing/reappearing parts/windows, and of course the god awful "shark crashes into control room" scene that just does not work on so many levels. 4) Just plain WTF moments: (some of this can be chalked up under the "lazy writing category if you like). The shark *backs* out of the pipe once the pumps are shut off...Sharks cannot swim backwards. When Jaws Junior is chasing Mike and Kay and they get away, it crashes into the gate and it's rubber skin folds back on itself clearly revealing the shark's artificial nature. Right after this attack, Mike repeatedly asks, "What the hell was that?" Really?? Mike BRODY doesn't know a Great White Shark when he sees one? When we first see Momma Jaws she is hovering outside a plexiglass window. Sharks hover about as well as they swim backwards. I'd love to see the HDTGM crew rip this one apart.