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  1. BrandonDoan

    EPISODE 391 - 2015 Holiday Spectacular

    Classic Alec Baldwin, Julia Child situation
  2. Less men's rights, more ladies' nights!
  3. I'm proud to say that I've never seen a single episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Unless you count the one where Ray J has sex with Kim Kardashian. Then I've seen the pilot.
  4. BrandonDoan

    EPISODE 377 β€” Good Night In The Morning

    this episode really went off the rails in the best way possible!!
  5. Whenever someone starts a speech with "a little bit about me" it usually means they're a piece of shit. So anyways, a little bit about me...
  6. great ep. lost my shit at "no orange. bleu" and "da vinci (in place of kiss me)."
  7. BrandonDoan

    Episode 286 β€” Time Bobby 3

    Bobby Moynihan knew who Jazz Jazz was! The hardest I've ever laughed from CBB was when Jazz Jazz tried to get Nate Fielder to come to Queens and whisper jokes.
  8. i really wish these bros would chat about U2's appearance on entourage. umm oh yeah! the murphy group. talkin about turtle.
  9. why HASN'T Adam Scott done SNL yet?
  10. No one ever questions why Shaggy ate dog food.
  11. I have a really good personality. I have a friend named Albert Liddy. We call him Al for short. He's a really good person.