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    Podcasting advice

    Hey all. New to the forums, but a big fan of Earwolf. Not sure the best place to post this topic, so here goes. Hoping for some constructive criticism or advice. Like what seems every person these days, I have a podcast. Been doing it weekly for about a year, and really enjoy it. I get about 100 listeners per show, so enough to have a few fans and not just be a creeper with a mic. It's comedy, nsfw and about pop culture, family, etc. I can tell you're already very intrigued! What original subject matter!! http://www.saveitfortheshow.com I'm curious if anyone has any feedback overall on the show. It's never easy to just listen to one show and get the gist, you all know how this medium works best. So here's a couple of the recent ones people seem to dig: http://saveitforthes...0-the-felt-rose http://saveitforthes...44-dinner-rolls Otherwise, I'm curious if anyone has advice to get more listeners. Sure, you could say "be funny and people will find it!" which I'm certainly trying. But I'm not a stand up, I'm not in LA/NYC and I don't have any comedian friends to spread the word or help out. After doing this for a year, I feel like I'm kind of at a critical mass for my audience numbers, unless I get a push or promotion from some outside force. Else I probably should be tweeting/following/bothering people more, but I'm not a fan of that approach. Thanks anyone for listening and your time. --Dan / @danthebeast / @siftshow