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  1. gene_shallot

    Homework: Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

    Ashamed to say I've never seen this. Having just watched Roman Holiday for the first time recently though, all I gotta say is I hope it's better.
  2. This would be a great showdown for this podcast exactly because one is arguably the better movie - Life of Brian - while Holy Grail is one of the most "iconic", "influential" comedies of all time, which tends to be strong argument for Canon-worthyness. It's one of those 'what is the Canon to you?' decisions and I love the interesting discussions it wrings out.
  3. gene_shallot

    Horror then and now

    Scream is really good consensus choice for modern horror (or maybe The Ring? A lot of young folk seem to still really like that one). I agree It Follows, The Witch, The Babadook, Under the Skin, and The Conjuring are probably modern horror classics, but maybe too soon? I love Cabin in the Woods, but is it horror? I'm not sure. Ditto The Host. Speaking of Asian horror, I'm partial to Pulse. Also Cure (same director)... pre-2000s but feels closer to the modern aesthetic. And thinking about trends... It's pre-2000's but The Blair Witch Project had a massive impact (love it or hate it). Post 2000's I think [REC] is the best distillation of found footage horror, love that suggestion. For a while it was all extreme - Audition (as mentioned), Martyrs, Wolf Creek, Saw, High Tension, Hostel, ad nauseam... not a fan myself, but definitely worth talking about. Then there's the zombie resurgence - 28 Days Later (the one that started it all), Dawn of the Dead (maybe not great, but better than it had any right to be), Shaun of the Dead, etc. Indie-ish stuff like May (also as mentioned), American Mary, Ginger Snaps, Session 9, The Descent, House of The Devil, Slither, The Orphanage...
  4. gene_shallot

    Suggestion: "The Room"

    There was a semi-related discussion way back in this suggestion thread for Plan 9: http://forum.earwolf...om-outer-space/ - I support this idea, if only to hear Amy & Devin's thoughts. How far does the 'impact' argument really go? Maybe they could bring a 3rd person who's pro-The Room (since I suspect the hosts won't be).
  5. gene_shallot

    Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

    Goddamnit, this is a dark fucking period! (big yes for me)
  6. gene_shallot

    Episode 82: THEY LIVE

    Soft "no" - I appreciate the weirdness and that Carpenter went for broke. The visual design of the aliens goes a long way. And when Roddy Piper's scenes work, they really work, but for the rest of the film (ie. most of it) he's clunky and uninteresting. And yes, the movie makes a point but so do documentaries - that doesn't automatically make it Canon-worthy. I get why it's a cult favorite and agree it's worth seeing, but it's minor Carpenter for me. Won't be sad if it gets voted in though.
  7. gene_shallot

    Your Indulgence Picks

    I'm a little shaky on what "indulgence" criteria is - a movie that you love but don't think is necessarily Canon-worthy? Or one you think is underrated but should get into the Canon? Either way, I'm going She-Devil.
  8. gene_shallot

    Jennifer's body

    Interesting. I agree it's underrated and suffered from the weird Diablo Cody backlash at the time (still on-going?). Karyn Kusama is a great director; I loved The Guest & Girlfight is arguably Canon-worthy imo. I'm betting her best work is still ahead of her.
  9. gene_shallot

    Rosemary's Baby vs Repulsion (or the Tennant)

    I just thought you were a big Dr. Who fan. (but seriously this is a fantastic suggestion)
  10. gene_shallot

    Spike Jonze

    I hope they do two Charlie Kaufman versus episodes - mix and match Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Adaptation, and throw in (if I recall correctly) one of Amy's favorite movies - Synecdoche, New York.
  11. gene_shallot

    Similar film podcasts?

    Filmspotting is pretty fantastic. Good news! If you loved the Dissolved, (most of) the writers have a new podcast out there - The Next Picture Show. It is also fantastic.
  12. gene_shallot

    Homework: Ed Wood (1994)

    Someone mentioned "Plan 9" in the Movie Suggestions a while back. Seemed divisive, but I'm for it. Especially for the discussion it would generate!
  13. gene_shallot

    Starship Troopers

  14. gene_shallot

    Episode 79: THE USUAL SUSPECTS

    No no the Abomination was the one with Ed Norton.
  15. gene_shallot

    Homework: Ed Wood (1994)

    So Ed Wood gets inducted into the Canon, right? Good, glad that was settled.
  16. gene_shallot

    Starship Troopers

    Yes! Paul Verhoeven, please and thank you.
  17. gene_shallot


    How can they say 'no' to your sheer persistence? Go get 'em sir, you've got moxie.
  18. gene_shallot

    Fight Club!!!!

    I think I know where the hosts would vote and I think I know how the forums would vote, but I would really love to hear the discussion. Same with "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (which apparently Devin & Amy hate).
  19. gene_shallot

    Eddie Murphy comedies

    48 Hours most definitely! I'd go to bat for Trading Places too (even as someone who didn't like Animal House).
  20. gene_shallot

    What are the most Canon worthy films of this decade?

    Beasts of the Southern Wild is one of the very few I'd probably vote 'no' on, but dang these are really great picks. Major bases seem covered; I also liked: Submarine Dogtooth Take Shelter The World's End Mother Dear White People Two Days, One Night Blue Ruin
  21. gene_shallot

    The Canon Comes Alive June 7th in LA

    Five bucks! By John Doe's Aspirin Bottle, what a savings. Dang, just moved out of LA. Enjoy, SoCal Canon fans. (Canonites? Canoneers?) Missing shows like this is almost as painful as missing all the awesome Korean food, sunshine, & LA weirdos.
  22. gene_shallot

    Suggestion: Kids

    Yeah, poor word choice. I meant that I'm not a fan of his work, whether it be movies he directed or otherwise. Never met the guy though, not meant as a personal attack (in fact, I think I heard an interview he did on another podcast... WTF maybe? He seemed decent enough). No cynicism here - you hope there's something good in every movie you go into (or else why watch movies?) And my opinion of his work only came after watching multiple films of his, so not knee-jerk either.
  23. gene_shallot

    Homework: The Usual Suspects (1995)

    Also available in teenage me's dvd shelf, next to a collection of terrible music and discarded hot pocket wrappers.
  24. gene_shallot

    Suggestion: Kids

    I kind of hate Harmony Korine (and Korine by-products... I know he didn't direct this) but I'd love to hear the discussion on it.
  25. gene_shallot

    Suggestion - GREMLINS

    Gremlins is good. Gremlins 2 is great.