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    Episode 68 - Antichrist (w/ Michael Lerman)

    Ughhh. I agree with Amy that I'd rather have Melancholia (or even Dogville, but I'd rather go to bat for Breaking the Waves) in the Canon, and the thinking is NOT because only 1 von Trier film can get in, it's because I feel the others are better movies. I'm perfectly comfortable voting in more than one movie from the same filmmaker. That being said, it's a "No" vote for me. I do think it's one any serious film fan should experience at least once, as are most of his films - and they are really experiences -, and it is fun to talk about, although based on interviews & such I'm not sure even von Trier fully knows the meaning (which is fine)... I mean, even the title, which wasn't really discussed in the episode, seems just as likely to be provocation more than anything. And provocation is such a weak factor for me; I didn't think Cannibal Holocaust should've made it in for that either. Next we'll be having Human Centipede and A Serbian Film episodes in the future I guess? Strip away the endless fox-eating-its-own-tail philosophizing and we're left with an unsettling, interesting take on a genre flick. Sure, it's a neat backdrop for von Trier to have a surrogate literally wrestle with 'evil women' archetypes (I'll take this on good faith, otherwise von Trier is just an asshole), but not enough to be Canon for me. But I do agree the acting is fantastic (and with Charlotte Gainsbourg being totally non-"Hollywood sexy" sexy... well, in general. This movie is the perfect antithesis of sexy).
  2. gene_shallot

    Episode 11 - Forrest Gump

    Why God, why did this get voted in??!!?!
  3. gene_shallot

    Episode 67 - Lolita

    Amy & Devin were spot-on this episode, what can I say. It's a No for me.
  4. Sad, innit? It would be totally sweet to get the old forums moved here (but understandable if not). (and wow, these forums really are so much better. Look ma, I'm editing! And formatting!!!)
  5. gene_shallot

    Space Jam (1996)

    It seems like too many people like this movie legit for it to be a good HDTGM episode imho. People should be voting for the real stinkers.
  6. gene_shallot

    Hudson Hawk

    I'm always surprised when anyone says they like this movie. I just... don't get it, I guess. Borderline unwatchable for me (but somehow also intriguingly bonkers, and would definitely make a great HDTGM episode). EDIT: On second thought, maybe on the kitschy/ironic so-bad-it's-good level, I get that, but people legit liking it? You are a stronger human being than I.
  7. gene_shallot

    Vampire's Kiss (1988)

    For anyone reading who hasn't seen this yet: DO IT. You think you know crazy Nic cage performances... you have no idea.