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    Episode 71 ā€” Dwarves vs. Man Rats

    Now I could be misinterpreting the description but the statue sounded alarming like a Tarrasque. I have a sudden premonition that Gerry's new character's cause of death has already been set into motion.
  2. AJValliant

    Episode 71 ā€” Dwarves vs. Man Rats

    So it occurs to me: do they still even give a shit about Glinishmore? I mean, Mildred might, as she's got some morals...but the rest are either impulsive narcissists, or actively evil. Gerry needs to come back as one of Sir Richard's low life thieves guilds buddies with a debt of honor to be paid. Though I'd settle for him just coming back.
  3. AJValliant

    Episode 8 ā€” Pop

    They could play a clip of off-mic PFT laughter at my execution and it would make me smile.
  4. AJValliant

    Episode 280 ā€” DuALity

    Noted, I will check that out.
  5. I'd put Mconvillies ahead of his. But those were the two best for sure.
  6. AJValliant

    Episode 280 ā€” DuALity

    I saw him do it live in Toronto. It was PFT, so it was still solid, but he seemed to be feeling it out and trying to find how to play off others with him. I suspect it's just a matter of the one small area of my tastes that don't line up with PFT's. Given how consistently he's delighted me in CBB, his own podcast, Superego, Dead Authors, and James bonding ect... he's still massively in the black. And I will absolutely be at those Canadian Superego shows.
  7. AJValliant

    Episode 280 ā€” DuALity

    You must have missed the August Lindt episode of the Andy Daly podcast. Hint: it involves the pope and the N-Word.
  8. AJValliant

    Episode 280 ā€” DuALity

    I was lukewarm to Alan Thicke his first few appearances. He was in the odd netherland between too plain and not a straightman. In this one the hook finally set and PFT's innate brilliance shone and through warmed my cold heart. Weird Al is the most absurdly likeable human:, read the comment of his youtube videos: it's a stream of concert goers relating tales of Al staying late after shows being warm and engaging until his tour managers had to drag him away so they didn't miss his next show. I really enjoy Scott and appreciate all he has done for the show....the Squarespace ad was not brand positive.
  9. AJValliant

    At Midnight!

    I realize these people are not actually my friends. And yet when I saw them I called over my wife to announce that my friends were on T.V. and how delighted I was to see them together. IF only Gerry, Ken, and Sark had been there. Is it sad that my celebrity dream is to get lit and game with the nerd poker guys or play Golden eye with PFT and Matt Gourley. The tragic part is I work in a insanely jock profession (personal trainer) and have an exterior that masks my deep nerdy core.
  10. That is the purest of gold. Damn fine work.
  11. The best balance of real music discussion and off topic riffing of any episode so far. Great stuff.
  12. AJValliant

    Rank The Pilots

    My criteria: Did I immediately listen to it again once I finished Did I shame myself in public by grinning and laughing while walking down the street Were the supporting guests able to rise (or exceed) Andy's character brilliance Was it a coherent building narrative Did the Superego guys crush a song in it Caveat: The worst one would be my favorite episode of any other podcast 1. Wit & Wisdom of the West with Dalton Wilcox - - PFT plays an amazing straight man in this one, Giving the whole thing a thesis and conflict , can these icons of the west transform a city slicker. -The characters were all amazing and actually made sense as a of group of contemporaries that would interact. -Shockingly, in a podcast with Andy and Paul on their A+ game Bartelby stole the show, his metaphorical assessment of poems and Daltons complete dismissal of them killed every time. The best single podcast I have ever heard (Displacing the Cactus Tony CBB episode) 2. Travel Bug With August Lindt - - Andy's chance to be straight man and his best character work of all of them. Despite being a bunch of German guys rifing they played so amazingly together that even their throwaway bits crushed (the whole Push the talking trashcan aside). -The family collapse at the end and PFT breaking repeatedly at August pushing through with podcast despite his life falling apart was a magnificent high point. - Doolman Schmidelberg and Kevin make a surge for favorite side characters 3. - Kiss Me, I'm Patrick McMahon - - The whole thing was excellent, but the slanderous songs from the Irishmen along would have guaranteed this third alone. 4. Eye On Theatre with Don DiMello - Brilliant stuff from everyone, suffers only from this being the most explored character so the beats, while still hilarious, were less surprising. Zouk's falcon was terrifying but I kind of missed him being the straight guy reacting and heightening things. 5. Hail Satan with Chip Gardner - - I see this as almost a tandem piece with the "Hey Golly" CBB episodes. Tremendous as the most long sketch of all of them and did the most to advance the Dimelloverse mythology. 6. Shut Up and Have Fun with Danny Mahoney - This one grew on me the most on repeat listen. A lot of the funniest character bits are lost in the argument cross talk so you need a few passes to catch the subtle stuff. 7. Get Fit Now with Bill Carter - Most ambitious in terms of high concept but dragged a tad in the middle. I am a huge fan of Adomian and his Jesse Ventura but it didn't quite mesh with the tone of the rest of it. 8. Rockin' and a Rollin' with Wolfman Hot Dog - Very funny, but the character has been exposed enough that his Shanana bit seemed a tad played out. The supporting characters were well executed but a bit too low energy to mesh properly with Hot Dog. Still excellent, but by the impossible standards of the other episodes not quite on the same level. ps. This podcast made me aware of Matt Gourley as one of the funniest, most versatile, dudes on the internet. I hadn't heard of him before and I've now tracked down all of the superego stuff and started James Bonding.
  13. AJValliant

    Episode 279 ā€” Reverse April Fools

    His complete inability to talk about U2 for duration of an hour and 15 minute podcast about said band has already raised these questions in my mind. Though I did enjoy the hell out of the last one, rarely has a podcast mandate been so thoroughly whiffed on.
  14. AJValliant

    Will We Get a Farts and Procreation 4?!

    While I loved the the first three at some point it does become a proposition of diminishing returns. I'd really like to see Adam on with a Daly or PFT character reacting as the straight man.
  15. AJValliant

    Episode 279 ā€” Reverse April Fools

    Patton, Lauren, and Scott just vibing was flawless. No gaps or rumbling to a halt, everybody playing beautifully off each other...you could tell they were all having fun. I dig how Tracy is a plausible personality and not just a collection of overbig character traits and gimmicks. Alien guy, the room worked hard to sell it but there wasn't a whole lot there.
  16. Really? Did you listen to the Don Dimello one? I don't look to Andy Daly characters for moral insight.
  17. How can slanderous comedy songs made for a podcast be that insanely good. It took me an hour to get through the muscial performance part because I was constantly rewinding to hear them again.
  18. The first and the last episodes were the best things I've heard with my ears in my life. PFT, Gourley, and Daly, Carter, MCconville, could perform a ransom note from my families kidnappers and I'd be delighted. This podcast also turned me on to the Superego podcasts and the surreal brilliance within.
  19. AJValliant

    Episode 68 ā€” Gnasher Poison

    Finally, I was mumbling about a level up like a homeless person while listening to the last one on my way home from work. Poor Gerry has died twice since the last one, possibly three times if you count the resurrection. Which reminds me...I miss Gerry. He was a sanctimonious drunk with an infected hand, but god damn he was a hero of a better age.
  20. AJValliant

    Episode 278 ā€” Only Tones

    Adomian is always great, the band seemed quite pleasant and played along well. I'm not a huge fan of musical performances on the show, but I can't begrudge Scott using his platform to share things he really loves. Though listening to "U Talking u2 to me" has given me enough of sense of his taste and passion for music to that I can appreciate him getting to vibe with artists he admires musically
  21. AJValliant

    Episode 65 ā€” The Cavern Explosion

    Boo! Boo! Boo to you, sir.
  22. AJValliant

    Episode 65 ā€” The Cavern Explosion

    We don't truck to that kind of nonsense round yonder. This forums is an oasis of civility and geniality in the frothing sewer of the internet.
  23. This technically isn't the place for this, but comments in these episodes got me to check out the Superego podcast. It took a few to get into it, but dear god I am love. The ones with Daly, Gourley, PFT Carter and so many more blew my goddamn mind.
  24. AJValliant

    Episode 277 ā€” Comedy Bang Me!

    Only Horatio Sans could escape that trap of logic.
  25. AJValliant

    Episode 266 ā€” The Calvins Twins

    Upon second listen the unexpected insane brilliance of this episode holds up amazingly and is a early candidate for best episode of the year. On par with the the Daly/PFT/Adomion masterpieces. So, so, awesome. Ya gotta laugh.