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  1. AJValliant

    Episode 276 — LIVE from SXSW 2014 II

    While I really enjoy the Gino character I would love to see Gabrus do another one. He kills it every appearance and is so witty in character that I want to see him with a different filter and frame of reference.His tortured mentions of what he can't do because of his skinniness was bittersweet hilarity.
  2. AJValliant

    Episode 275 — LIVE from SXSW 2014

    The Sheriff of Nottingham's terrible convoluted back story, and Scott's open confusion of it, were straight up delightful. Adomion is awesome at these live shows, he was meant for 80's stadium shows.
  3. This podcast is the Field of Dream Baseball game of the CBB afterlife. It is too perfect for this world, and yet they built and we came. Bring out the GIRLS! *And Whompler hits the mic....HOOOOOT!HOOOT!* I honestly felt protective and afraid for her.
  4. I am terrified to listen to this. How can anything possible meet the expectation of that roster and setup, just the idea of what it might be is enough to make my day. And 20 minutes in we've gotten complient horses with broken spirits wandering the city and Don contemplating the Vagina Monologues. I will be pimping this podcast so hard on Social media Don himself would be unsettled. F**k I love this podcast, and Daly and Zouks and Earwolf. Once St. Clair hits the mic I might start running around my house hooting in delight.
  5. AJValliant

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    If only they had leveled up.
  6. AJValliant

    Episode 274 — Oh, Golly!

    Maybe I'm being too generous but Cactus Tony really didn't seem like that bad of guy. Sure he did terrible things, but he had a real nice way about him. He's just susceptible to bad influences and makes poor decisions while under the sway of crippling amphetamine addiction.
  7. AJValliant

    Episode 274 — Oh, Golly!

    I'm shaking and overcome with podcast lust. This could be a podcast instructing me on how to collect my millions and I would be no happier.
  8. I couldn't even get past the repeated "Achtung Baby!" riff without losing it. This was one of those great vibe long car trip conversations with a good friend. I dug this.
  9. Such flawless, loose, awesome improv. I love how good natured August is, and how terrible the accents were, and how much delight they took in each others high spots. This was the best one since the first one. I had stupid grin on my face the whole walk home. The talking trashcan riff between them was gold.
  10. AJValliant

    Episode 273 — Vape Cod

    Horatio is such a great slow burn guest. It almost takes few appearances to get a feel for his rytham and once that hook sets you learn to catch the nuances that make him so excellent. He has gradually crept into the very top rank of CBB guests, and I love how Scott hold his feet to the fire on inconsistent details and forces him to get more absurd and abstract as things progress. Jim was seamless as a first timer, relaxed and cooperative and funny with a nice edge. You can really tell his listen to the podcast. I really enjoyed this. "Can I shoot the Gorillas?" How can something that grim be that charming. I want to send Horatio presents in the mail.
  11. AJValliant

    Episode 83 — Winter's Tale

    My favorite CBB combo of all time with a Paul Scheer as a chaser. Damn straight.
  12. For someone who does big characters Adomian plays really well with others and knows how to establish and build without always being the center of attention. This should be great.
  13. AJValliant

    Episode 272 — Sex Party Season

    Scott and PFT episodes are like a tropical sunrise, no matter how often you see them are all startlingly perfect. Additionally, Gilly plays such an awesome surly, willy, antagonistic version of herself. Great episode. The Giraffe/Human sex breakdown was oddly touching and informative.
  14. The only thing standing between the first two episodes and absolute perfection is the absence of one Jason Manzoukas. As amazing as the rest of the guests are, terrible, dark, wonderful things happen when Zouks is there to bait Andy down the rabbit hole and react with incredulity. And in terms of odd, but legitimate, issues : this podcast is so good it's actually lessened the enjoyment I get from others. I don't mean this hyperbolicly either, it's skewed my expectations ridiculously high for a largely ad hoc medium. I am legitimately concerned for my mental health once the Don Dimello episode drops, I worry the rest of my life will seem a gray ashen purgatory in comparison.
  15. AJValliant

    Episode 270 — Off The Grid

    I enjoyed this quite a bit once Adomian came in but Scott and Jon had weirdly bad chemistry to start off. I usually enjoy the rambling hang out intros, but this one started so flat I was tempted to jump through it. They seemed either tired or just out of synch. Still it picked up steam nicely after the first third,and the lower energy in the room brought out a different shade of Ventura than usual in a interesting way.
  16. Now I am not an expert, but that sounds dangerously like something a vampire would say.
  17. I tweeted, facebooked, emailed, and have been proselytizing from the street corner and still feel like I don't have enough mediums to promote/praise this on. This was legitimately great. And who would have thought in a podcast with PFT and Andy Daly god damn Bartlby came close to stealing the show. His erudite, quavery, dignity kept laying out the room.
  18. On general principle PFT and Andy Daly should never be on a podcast together. It's like having all of the members of a royal family in one place, should disaster happen the kingdom is plunged into chaos. That said, allow me to add my "Sploosh" to the puddle.
  19. AJValliant

    Episode 269 — Smaug’s Kickstarter

    Doug and Smaug really played well off each other. I dig this low key stoner take on Smaug, it was like listening to Bob Ross as a slightly tragic dragon figure. Though who wouldn't want a Skim Tar baby?
  20. AJValliant

    Episode 59 — The Tunnel to Glinishmore

    I enjoy them playing D&D, I love them talking shit about music and being cruel to Sark about his past. I genuinely dig these people.
  21. AJValliant

    Episode 80.5 — Minisode 80.5

    It's this kind of enabling that leaves him in a body dimorphic haze.
  22. AJValliant

    Episode 80.5 — Minisode 80.5

    My ankles hurt just thinking about it.
  23. AJValliant

    Episode 80.5 — Minisode 80.5

    Paul, I love you like my sons brother, but the Rock's legs being bigger than an average persons neck is sort of the standard arrangement for a human being. I now fear Paul has some sort of terrible thyroid situation that has vastly inflamed his neck, and he's such a delight his friends can't bear to tell him of his freakish proportions. Also: Boneless buffalo wing sandwich's are no mans joy. I blame the aforementioned gland disorder. Love the podcast, you seem like a legitimately excellent person, but I had to drop the hammer here.
  24. AJValliant

    Episode 266 — The Calvins Twins

    Is that all?
  25. AJValliant

    Episode 266 — The Calvins Twins

    From the moment they forced out their terrible names I was instantly smitten. The most charming bunch of horse fight promoters this side of the mason dixon. "the fight don't stop until the horse is dead" Gold. Good Lord that got awesomely dark towards the end.