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  1. If I wasn't influenced by rational thought, like Tim Minchin, I'd think it divine intervention that I was the donor shoutout on this edition. (We know at least one person in common.)


    Great show. Liked it a great deal.


    Another good podcast he's been on is

    , which is all about the science-and-evidence based.


    Also, Ben Goldacre is great at debunking detoxes and other unnecessary things we think are science-y and beneficial, but are generally not.

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  2. Generally, everyone was wonderful. Even Chelsea is forgiven for laughing too hard to speak throughout the latter half for her wolf/bramble charac. So stupid, but delightful.


    The 'Winter is Coming'/Tony Stark thing will never not be funny.


    Didn't QUITE live up to the magic of the other two, but would that have ever been possible? I was entertained like crazy.

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