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  1. Sean, joking about your podcast ending is a doughboys thing
  2. Hotdingus

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Who are these guests? They're so cool and funny and smart. They also sound like total nerds, but cool nerds
  3. Damn't! I've been waiting for Improv4humans to come to Vancouver I can't believe I missed this show. Either way these guys are hilarious and I can't wait to check em out live.
  4. I've grown up in Canada, I've played curling my whole life. It was my sport growing up, I was on my high school curling team, it was always fun for me. I still enjoy the sport, I'm on a team and I watch it on TV when ever I can. I've also been a fan of comedy for as long as I can remember, so I think I've heard every hacky curling bit any comedians ever put out there. I don't know why, but I expected more of the improv4humans crew in episode #115 when they were given curling as a 1 word suggestion. I figured comedians of the UCB pedigree would go beyond the obvious ridiculousness of the brooms and try to do something more with the curling concepts, but they didn't. It was disappointing but I didn't let it bother me until I heard the skit again in the best of vol 5 episode. The case I'm making here is that most Americans know curling as that goofy Canadian sport with the brooms, but why?, There knowledge stops there and it shouldn't. America has a curling institution and it's not hard to follow the sport, they broadcast it once every 4 years during the Olympics, And once you "get it" it's fun to watch. The people who play the sport on TV are professional and it's not an easy game to play. The top curlers are the essentially the combination of a chessmaster and a poolshark only on ice. That's my case, it's fine to joke about curling but don't forget to watch it. I kept it short here, but if anyone's interested I'll talk more about curling, just respond in the thread
  5. Hotdingus

    Episode 90 — Bear Suit

    Besser mentioned he's feuding with another Earwolf Podcast. Is it Yo Is This Racist?
  6. Hotdingus

    Ankle Biters

    Some mystical force drove me to rent this movie from my local Rogers Video 6 years ago. I had no idea what I was getting into it was just a random DVD I pulled off the shelf. It's the best worst movie I've ever discovered myself. here's the trailer This movie teeters on the edge of being completely unwatchable. Just like in Birdemic the dialogue is very poorly recorded most of what the actors say is completely incoherent but I can't imagine what there saying is very important. This is what the movies about (I think). There's little vampires, a magic sword that kills big vampires, and there's a big vampire trying to rescue the sword from the little vampires. That's all I got, if you can decipher more of the plot I'd love to hear about it. I'm not going to waste your time trying to describe the most memorable scenes in this movie, you really just have to watch it.