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  1. thingamabob

    Old Plugs (2016)

    thats a good song... both linked it and attached an mp3! https://clyp.it/wswumtvb#
  2. thingamabob

    Old Plugs

    Thanks, Mick!
  3. thingamabob

    Old Plugs

  4. thingamabob

    Plugs Submission

    I submitted this ages ago, but it was never used and I think it still holds up. In the meantime, I'll get to work on a new one. https://soundcloud.com/human-leather-jacket/hardcore-plugs
  5. https://soundcloud.com/human-leather-jacket/hardcore-plugs
  6. Take 2 after my first submission was waaaay too long. https://soundcloud.com/threeseas/comedy-bing-bong-plugs-part-2 Hope everyone is well.
  7. thingamabob

    A Probably Too Long Plugs Theme

    Thanks! Kind of you to say.
  8. thingamabob

    Episode 146 — Phoenix's "Entertainment"

    I felt like they were kind of questioning the idea of a series of notes being deemed "racist" with this song. And the video is so non-sensical that it sort of mirrors this arbitrarity. Thar's what I think, anyways.
  9. thingamabob

    I'm not a racist...

    I'm just very comfortable using the n-word.
  10. This is really nice. Hope to hear it on the show!
  11. But hey, that's Weirdowood for ya. https://www.box.com/...0erue8dbwnfe678