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  1. SalvadorDalaiLama

    Episode 28 — Searching The Skiff

    I also forgot all about that other gear. I was also intrigued by the point that sark made about one of the guys (or girl) perhaps wanting to withhold information from the other players. I would be super stoked if some crazy betrayal eventually happened. Specifically Gerry, and he would of course be doing it, FOR GLINESHMORE! (sp?)
  2. SalvadorDalaiLama

    Episode 25 — The Locker Gifts

    I do like to think that Stargoyle is a constantly spinning and moving collage of universes and stars like the picture though.
  3. SalvadorDalaiLama

    List of Scott's Frequently Repeated Phrases

    what about "And we'll introduce you in a minute"
  4. SalvadorDalaiLama

    Bird On A Wire (1990)

    War Games, Short Circuit, AND stakeout wow this guy has it going on! You know its going to be good when the narrator exclaims "But now!".
  5. SalvadorDalaiLama

    Episode 25 — The Locker Gifts

    He was the ORIGINAL member of KISS and he was replaced for his anti-semitic rants and cocaine binges.
  6. SalvadorDalaiLama

    Episode 219 — Farts and Procreation 3

    Wow, so since I just joined the forum today I am really surprised how critical people can be on here about the show. I have not been listening for years or anything but I have found that there isn't an episode that I really don't like or hated to an extent that I would get on this forum to complain about it. Is it just me who enjoys what they try and do, and whether it is 'comedy gold' or 'played out' I just enjoy hearing them laugh and shoot the shit. I mean, if the show isn't 'doing it for me' then I can always just listen to one of the hundreds of other podcasts out there, no harm no foul. What is the point of complaining on the forum about a certain episode or bit not being 'as funny as before'? I guarantee that it is the first time someone has heard it (me) and they thought it was funny as shit! Also, what episode numbers are the previous F and P episodes so I can partake in this circle jerk?
  7. SalvadorDalaiLama

    Episode 25 — The Locker Gifts

    Stargoyle is glorious and I cannot wait to see some art for this awesome lil fella!