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  1. spreaditon

    Episode 381 - Gauche-core

    Wardell bugs. Love you guys.
  2. spreaditon

    EPISODE 258 β€” Spit It and Quit It

    Kulap explained that they dropped Twooch because of her time constraints. Also, I loved Twooch more than Whooch. To me the guests could be hit or miss (more miss than hit), but I could listen to Howard just ramble all day, which I felt he got to do more of on Twooch.
  3. spreaditon

    EPISODE 257 β€” Dystopian Futures

    Please restore the option to download. Much love.
  4. spreaditon

    EPISODE 256 β€” Knock Ups

    I haven't listened to this one yet because I usually download them right before I leave work so I don't eat up my phone's data plan during the drive home. The download link takes you to SoundCloud, which doesn't offer a downloadable file. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but shit.
  5. spreaditon

    Episode 96.5 β€” 10/5/12 TWO CHARTED 35

    Alec Trebek? Very funny early Twooch ep.
  6. spreaditon

    EPISODE 255 β€” An All New Era

    They explain it in Two Charted 192 (#253.5) @ 52:37.
  7. spreaditon

    EPISODE 255 β€” An All New Era

    I'm surprised anyone cares much about the content of the charts. I wouldn't care if you guys counted down eye exam charts every week. I just love the dynamic of the three of you guys each talking about five things going on in your lives. I don't need any bits or gimmicks, or guests for that matter. Also, I picked up a vibe that the charts are only there to keep the conversation moving. Sure, every now and then there are songs or certain charts that have some interesting stuff, but that's just bonus in my opinion. Anyways, I was relieved by the new format. It felt a lot like Twooch and that's how I like it. Love the new chart tracks too, great job.
  8. spreaditon

    EPISODE 253.5 β€” 10/09/15 TWO CHARTED 192

    Super bummed. I love Twooch.
  9. spreaditon

    EPISODE 253 β€” Muckraking

    I muttered "dude, shut up" a lot of times. Not my favorite guest, but great to have the holy trinity back together for a real episode.
  10. Oh man, I can perfectly picture Howard pacing back and forth in front of his laptop in the kitchen.
  11. spreaditon

    EPISODE 229.5 β€” 4/24/15 TWO CHARTED 168

    Howard would hate Cursive.
  12. spreaditon

    Episode 136.5 β€” 07/12/13 TWO CHARTED 75

    I absolutely second this. Two was perfect the way it was.