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  1. Some of us, even if we did have a yacht, wouldn't be able to do anything with it because our states are in the middle of the country and shaped like rectangles and everyone there is a stupid bucktoothed yokel with smelly overalls and straw hats and also yachts are expensive and we trade pieces of pocket string for a suck on the ol' cow's teat for sustenance.
  2. Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you all a much needed and deserved update: I used bathroom at work. While I was in there, I started wondering to myself if you guys ever have this thought, "Heh, how cool is this, brother? I'm getting PAID to take a whiz. Liquid gold, my man. Liquid gold."? Yes? No? Anyway! Talk you you later.
  3. I tried that. Now I just have to go pee. What should I do now?
  4. What are your solutions for not being sleepy when you cannot go to sleep because you are at work?
  5. But the words on both are sometimes icky and that makes them hard to listen to as not a thirteen year old that thinks girls are owed to you because you are shy and sensitive and nice.
  6. What's that old saying? Screens are the windows to the soul.
  7. There used to be sock ads, right? I can't even remember now that we've gone PREMIUM, baby. All those companies are dust in the wind.
  8. I judge your spelling though! Doofus! Crushing it 2day.
  9. Got 2 make that water song my next tune for when I'm doin' some sweet, sweet munchin', Oh baby.
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    I'll take it!
  11. blockofice


    Here's a joke for you to pitch, Scott. The HOWL app. Sorry. Genuinely.
  12. blockofice


    That seems like a smart idea. Think the Marvel Unlimited app, but with the download feature working better and more consistently.
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    Hey Scotty, Sorry people are being grouchy, though I do get it. People have a strong emotional connection to podcasts because it like having friends in your ears and no longer being able to access your memories of spending time with them without paying. "You'll remember those good times for a little while and get to continue seeing your buddies, so be happy about that." People don't like when their friends are taken away. I don't actually have a smartphone because I am a willfully a dinosaur, but I guess I do have one for work that I'll try the android app on whenever that is released. I suppose that I'll be a bit reluctant to jump in an listened to CBB on my work phone because even though you say it isn't, it sometimes is that kind of show. It isn't as though I'm opposed to spending money on podcasts or entertainment. I briefly had a subscription to the WTF app.I've had Netflix and Hulu subscriptions for years. I've got a massive pull list at my local comic book shop. Heck, I'm sitting on the checkpoint page of an Earwolf advertiser right now just waiting to click the confirm purchase page. And yes, I'm using the CBB code. Don't worry. I've got you. Still, like many others I am conflicted about this change. It feels like the barrier to entry is a bit higher now for long running shows. I am happy that there will be a way to support less commercial podcasts, though. I'm worried that older episodes will be forgotten about. I'm excited that there are going to be new places for new voices to be heard. I'm self-conscious about not having a smartphone and also feel like I'll be left out in a lot of ways. Maybe it just that this feels like a way of monetizing something that's already been monetized: the deluxe edition album released less than a year after initial release forcing you to buy it again for the bonus tracks. Maybe it is just that it feels like we're kind of being sold a promise, one that I'm sure you'll deliver on, but that isn't fully accessible for all users just yet. The fracturing of how we're able to consume things also bothers me, but that might be more because I'm lazy than not wanting to spend another few dollars per month. In all likelihood, I will be subscribing to HOWL because I love the content and I've gotten so much joy from you and the whole Earwolf family over these past years. So not really any questions, just some thoughts and concerns. Ok. Bye.
  14. This is a good podcast and I like it. Big fan of Private Time even if it sometimes breaks the conceit.