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    Episode 59 β€” Paul Scheer, Our Close Friend

    Listen, I wanted to apologize about my eariler incendiary post about Paul Scheer and his script. I didn't really mean what I said. My aim was just to get a reaction. I wanted my first HH post to make a big splash like the Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah mermaid movie Splash or the reality competion diving show Splash. Turned out it was a disaster like the comedy movie It's A Disaster. I'll try harder next time.
  2. blockofice

    Episode 59 β€” Paul Scheer, Our Close Friend

    I did not like that So I Married An Van Helsing: A Skellington's Kiss included so many scenes with people talking about how college is difficult. It felt like Paul Scheer was a hypocrite because he wanted shows to not talk down to their audience. Once was fine and seemed like he wanted to be relatable and truly understood the struggle, but twice and it really seemed like having that in there was patronizing. Not all of us can be coastal snobs with a high quality private schooling so some of have a tough time with pop quizzes. I am sorry to say it, but it made me real pissed.
  3. Biggest bummer is that there wasn't more Connor Ratliff.
  4. blockofice

    Episode 184 β€” Theatrical Viagra

    Putting in a nomination for Mike Watt as best bass player. Also putting in a nomination for John Roy to come back someday. His energy brought out a lot of great moments. Every time that I hear the guy, it makes complete sense to me why him and Adomian write together.
  5. Do anything you wanna do, Dan Klein.
  6. That would be an absolute dream. I can't imagine someone that would be able to elucidate the stories behind the songs better.
  7. Gabrus was pushing real hard for a Schrodinger's Cat Costume thing.
  8. blockofice

    Episode 37 β€” Pet Peeves: LIVE

    Really great episode. Feel like they truly got to the core of Pet Peeves and some funny things happened, but also some touching ones.
  9. blockofice

    Episode 258 β€” Yoke Jams

    Right? Smog, guys! Who woulda ever thought that would happen?
  10. blockofice

    Episode 154.5 β€” 11/15/13 TWO CHARTED 93

    Howard's exasperation made for some great laughs. Mark this one down in the "Hardship Creates Great Art" column.
  11. blockofice

    Episode 153.5 β€” 11/08/13 TWO CHARTED 92

    Howie singing XTC brought me a lot of joy.
  12. Thanks so much for these past 100+ episodes, Matt. Can't think of any podcasts that are as generous and bring me as much enjoyment.
  13. blockofice

    Episode 239 β€” New Dad

    Did Besser and Mohr coordinate their shorts and shoes or is that just how dads dress?
  14. They missed the opportunity for a "Computer Blue" joke in the Jesus scene. "Is the water warm enough?" "Yes, Mila." Incredible episode.
  15. blockofice

    Episode 223 β€” Roll Over, Seth Rogen

    The clear bridge between "Microphone" and "Pineapple" is Telefrancais, yes? Ananas always had that goofy microphone.