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  1. Some of us, even if we did have a yacht, wouldn't be able to do anything with it because our states are in the middle of the country and shaped like rectangles and everyone there is a stupid bucktoothed yokel with smelly overalls and straw hats and also yachts are expensive and we trade pieces of pocket string for a suck on the ol' cow's teat for sustenance.

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  2. One thing I would like to know - is it at least be possible for the Howl subscription to offer backlog episode downloads with a monthly limit? For me downloading isn't the biggest deal breaker but there are the odd times when it's nice to have a bunch of old rando CBB eps loaded on an iPod like long plane/road trips or for instance I'm in the military and I was deployed for months to a place with crummy/no wifi

    That seems like a smart idea. Think the Marvel Unlimited app, but with the download feature working better and more consistently.

  3. Hey Scotty,


    Sorry people are being grouchy, though I do get it. People have a strong emotional connection to podcasts because it like having friends in your ears and no longer being able to access your memories of spending time with them without paying. "You'll remember those good times for a little while and get to continue seeing your buddies, so be happy about that." People don't like when their friends are taken away.


    I don't actually have a smartphone because I am a willfully a dinosaur, but I guess I do have one for work that I'll try the android app on whenever that is released. I suppose that I'll be a bit reluctant to jump in an listened to CBB on my work phone because even though you say it isn't, it sometimes is that kind of show.


    It isn't as though I'm opposed to spending money on podcasts or entertainment. I briefly had a subscription to the WTF app.I've had Netflix and Hulu subscriptions for years. I've got a massive pull list at my local comic book shop. Heck, I'm sitting on the checkpoint page of an Earwolf advertiser right now just waiting to click the confirm purchase page. And yes, I'm using the CBB code. Don't worry. I've got you.


    Still, like many others I am conflicted about this change. It feels like the barrier to entry is a bit higher now for long running shows. I am happy that there will be a way to support less commercial podcasts, though. I'm worried that older episodes will be forgotten about. I'm excited that there are going to be new places for new voices to be heard. I'm self-conscious about not having a smartphone and also feel like I'll be left out in a lot of ways.


    Maybe it just that this feels like a way of monetizing something that's already been monetized: the deluxe edition album released less than a year after initial release forcing you to buy it again for the bonus tracks. Maybe it is just that it feels like we're kind of being sold a promise, one that I'm sure you'll deliver on, but that isn't fully accessible for all users just yet. The fracturing of how we're able to consume things also bothers me, but that might be more because I'm lazy than not wanting to spend another few dollars per month.


    In all likelihood, I will be subscribing to HOWL because I love the content and I've gotten so much joy from you and the whole Earwolf family over these past years. So not really any questions, just some thoughts and concerns.


    Ok. Bye.

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  4. My two cents: I bit my tongue at the last episode where Kozelek was a topic of conversation, but I don't really know why anyone anywhere was terribly shocked by this latest incident. Mark's had a history of doing making these sort of comments for years, but with the uptick in press that he got after the release of Benji these outbursts and "jokes" and rants were just finally being publicized. Newer fans that hadn't spent years weighing the two sides of Kozelek, the sensitive singer that often portrays himself as being a paragon of kindness (see the story about fan in a wheelchair here: http://www.spin.com/...2014-interview/) and the rough, nasty grouch that occasionally spews bile.


    Mark has had a long history of vitriol towards his fans. You can see it in 2012's "Sunshine In Chicago" ("My band played here a lot in the '90s when we had / Lots of female fans and fuck, they all were cute / Now I just sign posters for guys in tennis shoes") and "Cry Me A River Williamsburg Sleeve Tattoo Blues". It goes back way further than the past three years though.


    Mark has had a long history of saying and writing unpleasant things about women. In "Down Through" from the first Red House Painters self-titled album, he sings about "feeling[ing] the sting in my hand / from when I hit you". Then on the next track on the album, "Katy Song", he sings about the "words from my cutting mouth / to your ear" which recalls "Down Through"s "violence that runs in [his] blood".


    There's an argument to be made that these songs aren't necessarily the same diary style of writing as his last few albums under the Sun Kil Moon name, but Katy was Mark's longtime girlfriend and though he lyrical style was more poetic in the 90s, he was still almost always writing as Mark Kozelek and about the things that Mark Kozelek did and the people that Mark Kozelek knew.


    I think that the big difference is that the Mark of the past seemed to regret his actions rather than revel in them. As someone that has enjoyed his music for nearly 15 years and has introduced it to a lot of friends and been helped through some really rough times by it, liking Mark and his music are two different things.


    I'm not defending what he said in this specific incident, but I'm also not shocked in the least by it. That doesn't mean that I'm not repulsed and frustrated by it.

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