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  1. Listen, I wanted to apologize about my eariler incendiary post about Paul Scheer and his script. I didn't really mean what I said. My aim was just to get a reaction. I wanted my first HH post to make a big splash like the Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah mermaid movie Splash or the reality competion diving show Splash. Turned out it was a disaster like the comedy movie It's A Disaster. I'll try harder next time.

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  2. I did not like that So I Married An Van Helsing: A Skellington's Kiss included so many scenes with people talking about how college is difficult. It felt like Paul Scheer was a hypocrite because he wanted shows to not talk down to their audience. Once was fine and seemed like he wanted to be relatable and truly understood the struggle, but twice and it really seemed like having that in there was patronizing. Not all of us can be coastal snobs with a high quality private schooling so some of have a tough time with pop quizzes.


    I am sorry to say it, but it made me real pissed.

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  3. Putting in a nomination for Mike Watt as best bass player.


    Also putting in a nomination for John Roy to come back someday. His energy brought out a lot of great moments. Every time that I hear the guy, it makes complete sense to me why him and Adomian write together.