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  1. cmac94

    Episode 78 — Crossroads

    Deleted scene: "You were running around with a woman who wears nothing but khaki?!"
  2. cmac94

    Episode 78 — Crossroads

    Can we also talk about the insane amount of money they made in tips from the karaoke contest? Who on Earth would tip a whole $10 for an okay karaoke performance?
  3. cmac94

    Episode 78 — Crossroads

    Speaking to some of the misogyny in this movie, one line that really upset me came from Ben when they were in the hotel after the karaoke bar fight with the guy who was trying to finger blast Brit Brit. I don't remember the dialogue exactly, but Ben told Britney "I'm not mad at you for what happened back there." What? Of course not! She was on the express train to sexual assault by a stranger, in what world would Ben have had reason to be mad at her for trying to save her from this pervo? And one other thing, the road trip seemed to go on for ages, and at the beginning of the movie someone (I think Mimi) said they had to be in LA by Friday or Sunday or some day who cares. But when they're there and at the record place and signing up for the competition, the guy in charge of sign ups says the contest is in 6 days. They got to LA 6 days early for the competition?!
  4. cmac94

    Episode 77.5 — Minisode 77.5

    Well that part did make sense. Before Brit Brit walked into the hotel room, there was an exterior shot of the hotel and it was definitely raining.
  5. cmac94

    Episode 77.5 — Minisode 77.5

    I think they've released every live show they've done as just a regular podcast. Unless there are some shows I don't know about, they've released all the ones like Demolition Man, Howard The Duck, Gymkata, etc. as regular podcasts. I'm guessing the live shows won't come out for a while though since they're also doing Crossroads, which I assume will be released this next Tuesday. Live show question: I should just assume the early show is seeing the 2006 Deck The Halls with Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick, right? Rotten Tomatoes says there's a 2005 film by that name but it looks less popular.
  6. cmac94

    Episode 261 — Nubile Agape

    "The gift of my meatus" got me so bad, I couldn't stop laughing for a good 5 minutes. I really loved this episode, every guest was amazing in his or her own way. By the way, is anyone else really excited at the prospect of Scott and Kuku having a baby? Or am I just a lunatic?
  7. Tig was on tonights ep of The Pete Holmes Show, in case anyone was interested.
  8. cmac94

    Episode 77 — Hudson Hawk

    Can I suggest for Nundercover that Lily Rabe is cast as the titular nun a la American Horror Story: Asylum? Also I'm so happy that Toys has become the go to movie comparison
  9. Surely we can't forget the multiple amazing twists and reveals from Marissa Wompler's Birthday Womptacular
  10. cmac94

    Episode 130 — Sex Work

    So, fellow listeners, would you date a vending machine operator? BE HONEST.
  11. cmac94

    Episode 253 — Fieri Fight

    I was watching last weeks CBBTV ep this morning, which had a last episode of M*A*S*H reference, so when they started talking about M*A*S*H on the podcast I lost it
  12. cmac94

    Episode 128 — Midwives

    Tig was hilarious in this episode (Tig's still got it, everyone) and the riffing on in-labor-movie-going was amazing
  13. I just finished watching the movie and will listen to the ep tomorrow, but was anyone made angry by this movie? It almost seemed like the makers of this movie were like "Yeah, we know it makes no sense. Who the fuck cares, just give us your money." And the crazy abrupt ending (one that puts Gymkata's to shame) was the icing on the cake. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  14. cmac94

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    I would love it if Garbrus came back to face off against Wompler in a battle of the interns
  15. cmac94

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    I'm so crushed by all the Pete hate in this thread. I thought the general consensus of Earwolf listeners liked Pete. I mean I guess I can see why people don't think he's a match for CBB. Pete is a host, be it in podcast or TV. He's not a guest type of person so I guess I can see his enthusiasm to cut in might be off putting. But he is genuinely funny. Pete just seemed really happy and excited to be involved in this episode, and it's really sad that people are reacting to his excitement so negatively.
  16. R. Run quickly to your computer, go to www.earwolf.com, click the SHOP! button, and immediately purchase one or both of these shirts, or I'm gonna get real fuckin' stabby.
  17. cmac94

    Episode 150 — Warrior Pose

    I can't believe the music chart didn't include this, the creepiest, spookiest song in musical history. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhbF3mYToHM
  18. cmac94

    Episode 73 — Congo

    Well it was because that poor fellow was missing those oh so essential "organs of speech." You know the ones.
  19. cmac94

    Episode 73 — Congo

    By the way, Laura Linney is 100% a felon on the run now, right? She blew up what I would assume to be a multi-hundred-million dollar satellite. The, apparently, sole satellite of this big communications company. So it could be assumed that she not only caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to the satellite, but also what ever damage the falling debris caused, and quite possibly toppled an entire company and knocked out major communication networks just to get back at a greedy dick. Joe Jon Don Doe Baker was a horrible person, but what she did was amazingly out of proportion.
  20. N, No one can deny that you should buy the K.N.I.F.E.G.R.A.B. shirts immediately with the money you have, less you be shut out by the other cool kids with such fantastic shirts
  21. When Laura Linney is talking to Joe Don Baker about having found his son and the diamonds, Joe Don Baker said something like "Oh, good. I was worried about you, I sent another expedition!" I want to see a sequel to this movie that is the adventures of this third diamond finding expedition, where they find the downed hot air balloon and the bodies of the remaining three along the way.
  22. cmac94

    Congo - 3rd Expedition

    Well now it seems I'm the one who doesn't know which way is up. A great alternate title suggestion.
  23. cmac94

    Laura Linney's Voice and the F-Word

    But also they toss out "shit" at the drop of a hat and gorillas are lazered in half, people are beheaded, and all sorts of other violence doesn't exactly make this a family-friendly-wholesome movie.
  24. cmac94

    Congo - 3rd Expedition

    Wait a minute are you guys totally sure on this? Because he didn't say "I sent another expedition" until the very end just before she lasers the satellite. I was under the assumption that that plane that was shot down in front of them was just a separate non connected group of people who just also were shot down by militants.
  25. cmac94

    Episode 73 — Congo

    I don't know if someone else already hit on this because I'm still catching up with this thread, but the gang kind of missed what Peter and Amy's real objective was in the movie. I'm guessing because it was so poorly explained in the movie. Peter "The World's Worst Gorilla Expert" Elliot originally wanted to bring Amy back to the jungle with the new talking device as a way to help other endangered gorillas in the jungle learn how to communicate, with Amy being their teacher, to help better their living situation (By the way, that's fucking insane). But after that minor exposition at the beginning of the movie, this objective is never even discussed again. I think it was Tim Curry who suggested Amy wanted to go home so Peter just completely erased his own objective and adopted this new one. And even in the end when the dum dums load up in their hot air balloon, Amy is sans talking back pack. So many people in this movie died for basically nothing.