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  1. cmac94

    Episode 68 — Over The Top: LIVE!

    I wish we had gotten to hear a little more Bobby, but then again everything he added to the conversation was gold. So it pretty much balanced out. And the money I would pay to see June's look of confusion when they mentioned Stalone's multi-shirt-change...
  2. cmac94

    Episode 68 — Over The Top: LIVE!

    Before listening to this episode I read the wiki article for the movie since I'd never seen it. Wikipedia list everyone in the Hawk/Hawks family as "Lincoln Hawk(s), Christina Hawk(s), Michael Hawk(s)" Which I thought was really weird. Finding out that this movie really does swing between two last names escalated it from Pretty Garbage to Next Level Shit
  3. cmac94

    Episode 235 — Concert Buddies

    Really glad Rob Corddry could take time out of his busy schedule to record an ad from inside a tin can for this episode.
  4. cmac94

    HAVIN' A SUMMAH 2013!

    I wouldn't say they're super energetic. They do like keep somewhat active. I've got two border collies and they both get by with a few walks a week and general frolicking in our backyard (which isn't huge, but it's not tiny). They both also like to swim in the pool whenever it's too hot out or they're bored, dogs really are summah animals.
  5. cmac94

    HAVIN' A SUMMAH 2013!

    It is indeed a boder collie. This pic was taken moments before he heard someone at the front door, bolted, and almost destroyed those sunglasses. Is your dog's name really Barbara Walters? Because that's amazing.
  6. cmac94

    Episode 234 — Changing The Bandage

    Wait wait wait, are you talking about the fact that Scott and Bill talked about being in a series of T-Mobile commercials? A bit that lasted maybe 1 minute tops? Scott was talking to Bill about stuff that was going on in Bill's life, I think a new commercial job is fair game to talk about, especially since they turned into a running joke (I'm posting this reply from my Samsung Galaxy)(not really). And by the way, this podcast is entirely free to you. You don't even have to listen to the commercials, you can skip right through them. You lose nothing by listening to this podcast. And yeah, of course Earwolf profits from the advertisements, but the ad money also goes to things like paying the bills that allow them to put out this podcast in the first place. I'm sure you can bear 3 minutes of skipable ads in return for some Ducca/Choctaw/Hader goodness.
  7. cmac94

    HAVIN' A SUMMAH 2013!

    Jesse is definitely having himself a summah!
  8. cmac94

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    Guys I'm still hung up on a very basic aspect of this movie. Obviously the end of the movie sees 3 sharknadoes making their way through LA. But where did they come from? Before the sharknadoes was Hurrican David. Unlike June, I don't know much about tornadoes, are tornadoes EVER caused by hurricanes? Are we to understand that a hurricane hit the shores of Santa Monica then instantly morphed into 3 sharknadoes?
  9. cmac94

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    If you don't think Sharknado was a true work of art that will define our generations then I have no words for you, good sir.
  10. cmac94

    Get to the choppahhh!

    There were also lots of shots later in the movie where you could see rows of perfectly fine aircraft parked just behind our heroes.
  11. cmac94

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    This movie also seems to posit that Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Van Nuyes, and downtown LA are all within walking distance of each other. Which, if you know anything about the LA are, you'll know is definitely not true.
  12. Two quick things that could have been hit harder this episode. First of all, Tara Reid's character is so unphased by almost everything happening around her. She loses her boyfriend to a shark, watches her home crumble before her very eyes, watches her son fly towards a Sharknado, and watches several others die around her. The whole time, her expression is that of a person who's dealing with a flat tire. And it's not just her bad acting, almost everyone in this movie just does not care about what's happening. Almost no one cared when Nova "died." Secondly, there was a scene early on where the team was leaving Santa Monica to go rescue Tara and Co. When they're driving on the (freeway onramp?) everyone is standing outside of their car or just sitting there. Why are all these people just unable to do anything but stare blankly until a main character comes and interacts with them? And the lady who locked her dog in her car, why did she get out of her car on the road in the first place?
  13. cmac94

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    This is a lot less scary than I thought it was going to be
  14. cmac94

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    I have a few problems with Nova that I hope everyone else picked up on. In the beginning of the movie, it's established that Nova is a name she chose, something to escape her past. When I saw this, I felt like it was a setup for "Oh I killed someone in the past" or "Oh I did something I'm not proud of in the past." Like the name change just seemed like a setup for something that she did wrong in her past. But then she tells Matt that that thing in her past was her grandpa and others getting eaten by sharks. Why did she feel the need to completely change her identity just because something bad happened to her grandpa that was completely out of her control? She also hates talking about the shark bite scar on her leg, yet does nothing at all to try and hide it by wearing short shorts. Also I think my favorite thing of the entire episode was June's From what I know about tornadoes...
  15. cmac94

    List of Scott's Frequently Repeated Phrases

    "I've heard of X, but Y?"
  16. cmac94


    Did anyone else catch Scott Aukerman on Kevin and Bean? They started talking about Sharknado and it was like listening to Comedy Bang! Bang! and HDTGM collide on one awesome radio broadcast.
  17. cmac94


    I actually do hope this is episode material. I know the movie was already starting off really far fetched, but there's so much they did to the production of this movie to make it excessively ridiculous (like constantly changing weather conditions, the fact that downtown LA, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica are apparently within walking distance, etc.) and really pushes this movie over the edge.
  18. cmac94

    Pete Holmes

    Scott talked about wanting to get Pete on the pcast several times but hasn't managed it yet due to schedule conflicts in his Reddit AMA. Hopefully ol' Petey Pants will show up soon enough.
  19. Hello people of Earth, I just picked up tickets to see HDTGM live at the Largo in August. This is my first time seeing the show live, and my first visit to the Largo. Is there anything I should know about the Largo in advanced? Or any general things I should know before going to a live show? Thanks!
  20. cmac94

    Live shows at Largo question

    Thanks for the suggestions! I was planning on eating somewhere before the show since check in is so early, so I'm glad there are options around there. I think I read that seats are assigned at 6:00 on a first come first served basis. Are these shows usually crowded with people who show up at 6 ready to go?
  21. cmac94

    Episode 66 — Demolition Man: LIVE!

    That is literally next level bonkers
  22. cmac94

    Episode 229 — Two Thumbs & Not Much Else

    Why were you listening to the ads in the first place?
  23. cmac94

    Episode 66 — Demolition Man: LIVE!

    I think one of my favorite parts of this episode had to be when Jason learned Jack Black was in the movie. Edit: JUST KIDDING THIS WAS RE: THE SEA SHELLS WHOOPS
  24. Have you ever heard your own life? No one's trying to get involved with that for life.