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  1. SarahBethKeshishian

    EPISODE 115 — From Nannying to Stardom

    I don't possibly know what you are referring to
  2. SarahBethKeshishian

    EPISODE 11 - Tara Copeland - Spotlight On: Becca Foster

    Agree with everyone, LOVED the Becca addition to this world, and the only character introduced thus far that totally should be added to the world that is Wompler and Listler. She just fits so perfectly into their story and I'd love to see her inserted into the Stars program even as an extracurricular
  3. SarahBethKeshishian

    EPISODE 42 - Big Grande: Teachers' Lounge

    Ms chips is one of my favorite lapkus characters. I hope she gets her own episode
  4. I LOVE John Early! Him and Kate Berlant (who did one of my fav episodes of this podcast) do a lot of stuff together. They are def comedic up and comers. CH CH CH Check them out
  5. Are you suggesting a conspiracy where Mary was involved with the knifing?
  6. Yes and a jasperilla equates to a knee knocker which equals a skin taker
  7. SarahBethKeshishian

    EPISODE 107 — Lake Placid: LIVE!

    This no June business is getting real old! I need June's philosophies! However a PFT replacement is as good as it can get.
  8. SarahBethKeshishian

    EPISODE 103 — Listener Mail!

    Yeah this was on the list of favs "And if that wasn't a dominican face staring back at me"
  9. The more bizarre the episode I think the better. This and the Kate Berlant one have been among my favorites and I think it has to do with the eccentric characters Lapkus plays. Craigory aka slenderman had me cry-laughing with his cirque du soleil style haircuts. Also, how can you hate on someone who brought back THE RACHEL?
  10. SarahBethKeshishian

    EPISODE 15 — The Candy Lawrence Show

    Probably the only time I have found prop comedy hysterical. Would U-haul me?
  11. SarahBethKeshishian

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Im not saying anything that hasn't already been said but damn this took me a bit to listen too. I've never been heartbroken for someone I had never met before. Having someone talk in your earholes somehow makes it more intimate, like they are talking to you in a one sided conversation. So the loss of Harris has been super rough. That being said, thanks for releasing this ep. After finally listening to it I was glad I did. Beautiful memoriam.
  12. SarahBethKeshishian

    EPISODE 335 — The Wedding of Gilli and Garry

    Listening to this at the gym on the treadmill was one of the worst decisions I have made thus far in my life. My god the variety of PFT characters, the delight that is Gilly, and the great newcomer Colin. 10/10 will listen again.
  13. SarahBethKeshishian

    Episode 8 — Healthy You with Kate Berlant

    My god the reveal about the whisper near the canyon had me laughing so hard. Love finding new comedians through this podcast! Great guest!
  14. SarahBethKeshishian

    Episode 4 — Rad Dad Padcast with Terry Dew

    This Brendan Jennings guy was great! How has he not been on earwolf before?
  15. I cannot wait for Patti Dukakis's comedy central special. So many bits!