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  1. MikeyGoldsmith

    Episode 2 - Bed Bug Bites

    Boss up on your parents!
  2. Oh boy! This is exciting, I can't wait for mother night. Don't skip the short story collections please.
  3. Hot Dog kinda had a Mitch Hedberg vibe in this.
  4. MikeyGoldsmith

    List of Scott's Frequently Repeated Phrases

    i always smile when he says ostensibly, just because he says it so often. and how come has nobody mentioned what's up hotdog?
  5. As the great philosopher FreidrichNietzsche once said. Let's get meta-physical up in this bitch!
  6. this was bad ass. didnt har mar mention in an earlier episode that he had done/planned to do an episode with jared from big business? i'd love to hear that.