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    Hi-hi, I'm new to the village, looking for work

    21,000-ish views??? This is clearly a new "Jobs Forum" record!
  2. MorganBrandon

    Hi-hi, I'm new to the village, looking for work

    No concerned those's?
  3. To those it may concern, Are you folks looking for any extra folks to work your production line(s)? I just moved to Burbank with my wife (from Illinois), have tons of audio/video/photog experience (lots of librarian cataloging-type experience, if that's at all interesting) and am a full-blown archaeologist. I guess they call this place "Borebank"? I don't get it - you got Ikea down the way, the Smokehouse is about as classic as it gets, and Jamie Bamber is always at the Whole Foods. I admit I'm getting a bit stir-crazy as I haven't been unemployed for a very long time (hence this overtly candid/casual email #actsofdesperation) and figured I'd float my contact info o'er to you. My photog and motion reel are at http://morgan-photog.squarespace.com ((yes, I did get 20% off of my squarespace purchase thanks to EarlWolf (comedy gang bang methinks?)), and my audio mixings can be heard at http://orcawolf.bandcamp.com and http://morganhorse.bandcamp.com. Thanks in advance for any consideration, and have a wonderful if not beautiful evening. Regards, Morgan Brandon morgonzo.photog@gmail.com
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    Episode 95 — I Pet A Tiger!

    "Don't kill yourself! Don't kill yourself!" Love this episode!
  5. "in space, no one can hear I scream"