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  1. Stargoyle

    Episode 84 β€” Chevy Chase’s Land Shark

    Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised at how coherent the setting was, vs. how much it just looked like random Ray Harryhausen riffs at first.
  2. Stargoyle

    Episode 81 β€” Through the Church

    Sarah should do fellow player shaming. "I went through the door Sarah said we shouldn't."
  3. Stargoyle

    Uh's and Um's

    If only he had someone he could kick it to when he had to kill time...
  4. Stargoyle

    Character Drawings

    Looks like Dan Harmon, oddly.
  5. Stargoyle

    Sark's Time Capsule

    It has been mentioned in other threads. Unfortunately, Sark is going to be busy the next few months, and even then he may want to keep some of those ideas in play in case they resume that campaign.
  6. Stargoyle

    Episode 79 β€” The Roc

  7. Stargoyle

    Episode 79 β€” The Roc

    Loving the descent from Mount Harryhausen.
  8. Stargoyle

    Danger Room(s)

    I'm guessing it's like the X-Men's Danger Room. A place to work out how a new party can or should work together without fear of real consequences. When I was DMing I'd use an easy early objective to allow the same sort of thing, and it looks like Blaine's scenario morphed into something closer to that.
  9. Stargoyle

    The Infamous D&D Religious Tract

    Was it DragonRaid? According to this article, it's not a bad game (and there were a lot of bad D&D knockoffs at the time.) The magic system certainly sounds interesting. There's a download link if you want to look at it yourself.
  10. Stargoyle

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    Seconding the latter as the way to get caught up on the Harmontown D&D game. Which will make the rules lawyers here weak in the knees.
  11. Stargoyle

    Episode 77 β€” Into the Woods

    Remember that Hug has a single Hit Point.
  12. Stargoyle

    Episode 76 β€” On the Run

    Compared to Harmmontown, these guys are purists.
  13. Stargoyle

    Sark HQ

    Sark Tower
  14. Stargoyle

    Your characters!

    Best Dwarf name ever.
  15. Stargoyle

    Nerd Pokerish

    Seconded. It's by Scott Kurtz, who also appears in the PAX Celebrity D&D games.
  16. Stargoyle

    Episode 73 β€” Space Ship Attack

    But picture Brian having to part with Damien…
  17. Stargoyle

    Episode 73 β€” Space Ship Attack

    Sad to see the shitty DM move on (especially after the epic Battle of the Baby,) but I'm eager to see what kind of a shitty character he comes up with. Since they're apparently taking requests, I'd like to see them invite Spencer from Harmontown to sit in for a couple episodes.
  18. Stargoyle

    Episode 72 β€” Heading Down To Glinishmore

    He'd be doing meth by now.
  19. Stargoyle

    Questions for Sark

    I'm guessing when he lost contact with Blackie he returned to the ship.
  20. Stargoyle

    Episode 71 β€” Dwarves vs. Man Rats

    I have a suspicion that Damien isn't actually evil. He may turn out to be some variety of neutral. I don't have much to back this up, other than his actions so far can be viewed either way (at least from a Lawful Good perspective) and his spells seem to be twinned (e.g., Detect Evil and Detect Good.) Of course, I'm not even sure they're using the old 2D alignment system, so...
  21. Stargoyle

    Character sheets

    Or just snapshots after each ep?
  22. Stargoyle

    Episode 70 β€” The Kitchen Caper

  23. Stargoyle

    Episode 70 β€” The Kitchen Caper

    STARGOYLE! I knew we haven't heard the last of him.
  24. Stargoyle

    At Midnight!

    And vis versa!
  25. Stargoyle

    Episode 69 β€” The Stakeout

    Not an expert by a long shot, but polymorph has long been considered a game breaker, because of those very reasons. Sark is limiting it to assuming a form of the same mass, which reigns it in a bit (Blackie might be able to turn into a rat-sized dinosaur.) That may be a house rule (someone will correct me if I'm wrong!)