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    The Last Dragon (1985)

    Set in New York City, the movie follows a martial artist named Leroy Green (A.K.A. "Bruce Leroy"), who has dreams of becoming a great martial artist like his idol Bruce Lee. His master (Thomas Ikeda) explains that he has touched the final level of martial arts accomplishment known as "The Last Dragon". Martial artists who reach this final level are said to be able to concentrate such mystical energy into their hands that they begin to glow. Only a true martial arts master would be able to exhibit "The Glow" over his entire body. Leroy doesn't fully understand and, in possession of a medal supposedly belonging to Bruce Lee, Leroy embarks upon a journey to find Master Sum Dum Goy, whom his master claims can help Leroy unlock the power of "The Glow". Another martial artist, Sho'nuff (Julius J. Carry III) (A.K.A "The Shogun of Harlem") sees Leroy as the only obstacle to being acknowledged as the true master of martial arts. Leroy refuses to fight him and a furious Sho'nuff vows that he will defeat Leroy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i5zVyyhtpA&feature=youtu.be&t=8s
  2. huppra

    The Last Dragon (1985)

    I love this movie, it is so good at being bad.. I mean the villain Eddie Arcadian owns and operates Arcades. If cheesy names, 80s pop culture, and 1 weed joke are your thing, this is the kung-fu movie for you.