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  1. I find myself enjoying the "Ask the UCB" episodes no matter the specific content. Getting a better idea of Matt's philosophy regarding improv is always illuminating. And I'm certain that this has been brought up before but, man oh man, Jason Isbell would be the perfect guest. I have little doubt that Matt has reached out. Isbell's full of sad songs! Improv fodder!
  2. oatmealish

    Episode 162 — Best Of Music

    Just re-listened to this episode. Cheers to all of the musicians but most especially Brett's engineering. You did/do such an incredible job, particularly considering the confined space you're working with. Viva I4H!
  3. oatmealish

    Guest suggestions

    New member and I guarantee this has come up before... but fuck it. Andy Daly, Brian Huskey, and Seth Morris would be a golden show. Either way, I've found every lineup ridiculously funny. I'd never have known of Dipold, Lapkus, Conroy, Wengert, Sitko, etc. etc.w/o I4H.