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    Oh, my. If becoming the go-to podcast app is the goal you should have started by just making a great, cross-platform, RSS podcast app; and then worked from there to add all the other premium stuff.
  2. Splendor

    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    Are subscriptions on the iOS app handled in-app? Just curious because I know Apple takes a 30% cut of those subscriptions and if that's the case it might be worth pointing people to subscribe via the website whenever possible.
  3. Splendor

    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    Does anyone know how the introduction of Howl.fm affects Earwolf Radio?
  4. Splendor


    Nah, bruh. It leaves out anyone without an iOS device (or Android device -- allegedly).
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    Heynong Man. Thanks for taking some time to answer questions about the new service. I read through your post and have a couple of thoughts about the points you made. Spoiler alert...overall, I think this is a C+ announcement. I agree that advertising isn't the best way to monetize all podcasts. I'm excited to hear what other types of "content" will be available with Howl. This one I'm not sure about. You see, I already have a place from whence upon I listen to all my favorite things; it's my RSS-enabled podcast app of choice. Howl introduces a second place for me to listen to things. Now I have to remember whether the show I like is on Netflix or HBO Go. I think this is a poor experience for users, but the only thing that matters is Howl's ability to provide enough value to its users to offset the inconvenience. I think a curated list of episodes removes the "paradox of choice" for new listeners. In this case, a time-based curation makes sense. As someone who has gone back and listened to hundreds of older episodes I'm absolutely behind this. I always imagined podcast advertising as a sort of gamble where an ad might end up on a classic ep with a long tail but the advertiser never knew before the fact how good an episode would be. Other thoughts: I know this has been said already, but the lack of Android app at launch is not good. People are pushing the Howl app right now (I just saw a Marc Maron video about it on YouTube) and the majority of smartphone users are going to open their app store, search "Howl", and find nothing. Some of them will put in more effort to find out how to give away their money, but others won't. I would cancel Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc. if Howl included video eps. Earwolf/Wolfpop podcasts bring me more enjoyment than any other service I currently pay for. A couple of actual questions: I've read that users will be able to download episodes for offline listening within the Howl app. What happens to these downloaded episodes if a user unsubscribes from the service? Does Earwolf have plans for archiving episodes in the very, very long term so that historians can study them? I've enjoyed imagining future generations listening to Earwolf podcasts thanks to services like Archive.org that are backing up as much of the open internet as possible. While typing that I realized I have a very boring imagination. Alright, that's more than enough from me. Thanks for everything. I'm excited to be able to start paying all my favorite podcasters on the reg.
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    Episode 1 — Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang

    Dólares Brambles
  8. Splendor

    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    Where is that thread? EDIT: Found it: http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/25100-questions-for-scott-re-howl/
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    Harris Wittels Tribute on Welcome to Night Vale

    That's very cool. Thanks for sharing.
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    I wish Scott and Jason would take turns braiding my hair while I listen to Thin Lizzy at maximum volume inside a yurt that we've erected in a Best Buy parking lot.
  11. Splendor

    "Earwolf" ending audio tag / title card too loud!

    Agreed. I always fast forward through the end to try and save my ears.
  12. I think Scott should just make this his new catch phrase.
  13. Ben Kronberg Thomas Middleditch Milana Vayntrub Maria Bamford
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    So how long...

    This has to be photoshopped. Why would they even attend the concert if they didn't have front-row-center seats?
  15. Splendor

    EPISODE 234.5 — 5/29/15 TWO CHARTED 173

    God damn it...that Harris clip was hilarious.