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    Episode 74.5 — Minisode 74.5

    To Paul wondering why Jon Favreau was a side kick in two super hero movies...this one...no idea. But Iron Mans..he did direct the first two so that kind of explains that one. Just saying.
  2. NickTracy

    The Nutcracker in 3D (2010)

    I agree. It has a ZERO on Rotten Tomatoes. Huge stars like Nathane Lane and John Turtorro. . And it made NO SENSE. Anything you think you know about the Nut Cracker. Throw it out. Make up your own story. Then throw that out. Make up something else and that is about how is movie works. PERFECT for either a Christmas episode or just whenever. Batshit bonkers
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    That is what is so insane. The trailer worked on me too. But about 45 min in, you start to wonder if you saw the right trailer. They are soooo different.
  4. NickTracy


    I agree with original poster. But to fully appreciate how awful this movie is, you HAVE to watch the preview of it first. That way you get an idea of what kind of movie you are about to see and what to expect. And then about 45 minutes in you keep thinking...ok the movie is half over and nothing that has happenend in the preview is in the movie...what the hell is going on. *Spoiler alert* Then he kills a cow and bathes in its blood and begin to realize, ok, that makes no fucking sense. Then the terrible CGI starts and you at least realize this is where the previews come from...and you hate yourself for sitting there that long. And then of course, someone gets struck by lightning and vanishes for no real reason. FUCKING AWFUL. However, ironically, the whole movie is about how branding is misleading and terrible and it that is exactly how the preview is in relation to the movie. Very misleading and drives home the point of the movie. Just remember, the key is to watch the preview first and then the movie. The only movie you HAVE to watch the preview first to fully appreciate its terribleness. I think this should totally be a podcast episode. However, I do not recommend this to anyone as it is not enjoyable on any level. It is the only movie that I have actively hated myself for wasting money on. I felt rage during it.