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  1. GeoffZoref

    Episode 132 - Bloodsport: LIVE!

    @ Smigg: On top of all that, on the Definitive Guide to Frank Dux, which takes a balanced but somewhat skeptical look at Ducky, has made a lot of the claim that in five years, Dux he won 329 sanctioned fight in a row. http://fightstate.co...e-to-frank-dux/
  2. GeoffZoref

    Episode 128.5 - Minisode 128.5

    Oh I cannot wait for this episode. This is a movie that I think most people my age (34) grew up with. I absolutely love that the reason that this movie was suggested was because Paul had never heard "Top That!" Oh Paul, are you ever in for a treat. It really is like a movie/musical. This movie has everything: "Top That," the "Popular" song, Zelda Rubinstein, Dick Sargent, the second Darrin from "Bewitched" as Louis's father. And may be the most disgusting performance I'v ever seen in a movie, Louis's pervy little brother who hides under her bed when she's changing and call's her a "dog" in a weird old times New York accent. In other words, it's the bread and butter of "How Did This Get Made?"
  3. Yeah, Ninja Rap is from the old Knicks chant (http://tinyurl.com/oz7q4sj )and the music sampled behind "Ninja Rao is 'Apache (Jump On It)' by Sugar hill Gang Seeing as he claims he came up with what was obviously 'Under Pressure' by Queen/David Bowie, I'm sure that he would claim that he came up with it on his own.
  4. GeoffZoref

    EPISODE 108.5 — Minisode 108.5

    I fee like I've had a Cage overdose. Last week the good folks at We Hate Movies did "Face/Off," you guys did "Conair," now I don't know what's real and what's not, what's up and what's down; I don't even know the alphabet anymore. Is it "A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,Y,X,Y and Z?!?!?!?!?!!! I don't know. Maybe you should just pull the trigger Cause I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! I'm ready for the big ride baaaaby!!!!!!
  5. GeoffZoref

    EPISODE 107.5 — Minisode 107.5

    It's not sarci like sarsy. It's sarci like sarky, as in short for Sarcastic. Although I firmly believe that a professional actor did indeed accidentally read stage direction. Also, mental is used in the UK all the time. Like, something can "be mental" or you can say "that's mental." I don't know about "a mental" though.
  6. GeoffZoref

    EPISODE 104 — ZARDOZ 2

    wow! So bizarre. It almost felt as though it was recorded in their house And it was just a normal conversation between the two. This is one of the most bizarre episodes, I loved every minute of it. I always thought that episodes without Jason was missing were never really as good. Now I realize that June is an intrigal part of operation as well.
  7. GeoffZoref

    Episode 217.5 — 1/30/15 TWO CHARTED 156

    Howie I'M listening to you. Trust me. I always wonder if like a live radio DJ ever wonders if he's just talking to himself and that for some technical reason he's not being broadcasted. That would cause major anxiety for me. But Howie, I can confirm to you that YOU ARE BEING HEARD. And you're cracking me up man, for all the right reasons. I must say that space is fascinating. Imagine that these lights that we see from stars are light years away. Going 186,000 miles per second, the NEAREST star would take FOUR YEARS to get to! It's so mind boggling.
  8. GeoffZoref

    Episode 102.5 — Minisode 102.5

    Zardoz looks nuts. As far as "Face/Off" goes, you guys do good movies: Fast Five, Crank, Crank 2, Punisher: Warzone, Demolition Man. They're not award winning films, but they are fun as fuck and we love them because they're so over the top. Face/Off, IMHO, falls into the former category. Is Jason saying that Face/Off is over the top crazy action good, or does he mean legit good? Does e mean "Schindler's List" good, or "The Last Boyscout" good? P.S. You should do "The Last Boyscout." It's the best "over the top action film" ever, IMHO. Shane Black on the typewriter. Tony Scott (RIP) behind the camera, giving direction. Bruce Willis killing and taunting bad guys the whole fucking time. He even tells a "yo mama's so fat" joke to a guy who's about to execute him. It's awesome. And somebody dies via falling into the blades of a helicopter. At the Superbowl! It's nuts.
  9. GeoffZoref

    Episode 102 — Tango & Cash

    I love love love this flick. It's a quip a minute movie, but my favorite line is by the captain when Kurt Russell is at Teri Hatcher's house and he tackles the captain through a screen door and cappy says, "is this how you screen all your guests?" Then there's Jack Palance continuous justification for why it would be better to set T&C up rather than kill them, which his underbosses understandably keep disagreeing with him over. Also, I like how you touched on the newspaper headlines, and I'm a big fan of movies in which people who would never be publicly known for their work as being famous in the movie they're in. Quick: name a police office who you either don't know personally or who isn't the Chief of Police of L.A or New York. June, I am MAJORLY upset that you think that the strip club (?) in this movie is appropriate for a date? For who, Travis Bickle?! Oh I could go on. Such a fun, dumb awesome movie. Btw, the new theme song is AMAZING!
  10. GeoffZoref

    Episode 101.5 — Minisode 101.5

    That new theme fucking ruled! It's a keeper. Also what rules: Tango and Cash. Best bad movie, like, ever! And has my favorite awkward, unwieldy sentence that's supposed to sound cool. Tango: From the Iook of your diet, you're not counting caIories.Too busy counting the money you got for setting us up?!
  11. GeoffZoref

    Episode 101 — Xanadu: LIVE!

    Great show. HDTGM Bingo. I like that. I was surprised that June wasn't a Xanadite. So when Paul asked what $20,000,000 would be worth today, it led me on the longest internet wormhole ever. You see, this is a tricky question, and it can be measured in many ways. I used the Consumer Price Index, which multiplied the original amount from 1980 by the increase in inflation between then and now (about 190%) The CPI, involves a bundle of commodities confined to consumer goods and services. This bundle is a fixed amount of food, housing, clothing, entertainment, etc., that is proportional to what the average household consumes. So bundle of goods in 1980 would be worth in 2015. This is the number that I chose to go with, So $20,000,000 in 1980 is about $56,300,000 today. I calculated the above answer from this website (http://www.measuring...es_of_worth.php) but economist still disagree which is the best way to answer the question "what is X amount of money from whatever year worth in the present.
  12. GeoffZoref

    Episode 91 — The 1st Annual Howdies Pt. 1

    Great show. I never miss it . However the numbers that June recited sound...specious at best. I believe that the total cost of all the movies is correct-- in the lower billions, but not trillions. And yes, I'm sure the writer of the post got it right. Howaever, the numbers that June recited sound...specious at best. And yes, I'm sure the writer of the post got it right. June just read it wrong.
  13. GeoffZoref

    Episode 86.5 — Minisode 86.5

    Right, Warren Fitzgerald from "The Vandals." At least as far as far as I can tell. Does anyone hear the "ooh" part at the very beginning of the song? What's up with that?
  14. I only came to Earwolf for "How Did This Get Made," and maybe a little bit of "Cracked" and "Issues." But I've got a new one in the hopper now. "Never Not Funny" is that one, btw. I think Trading Spaces was a pretty big national phenomenon, on par with Queer eye. But what was that "cheek blowing thing" when he's shaving that you're talking about.