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  1. MichaelStanford

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

  2. MichaelStanford

    Chicago Improv Festival

    Hey, I actually need another ticket, but I don't live in Chicago. We're driving in from Missouri (8 hours) - any chance you could meet us somewhere before-hand?
  3. MichaelStanford

    Chicago Improv Festival

    Anyone else going to this? I'm not going to be in for i4h, but I'll be there for Matt's workshop on Sunday and then ASSSSCAT. Looking forward to it!
  4. MichaelStanford

    Bonus Ask the UCB

    I disagree that you can't teach people to be funny.
  5. MichaelStanford

    Yet Another Sponsor Complaint

    Oh, okay, well I'm done here.
  6. This shirt objectifies robot women.
  7. MichaelStanford

    Yet Another Sponsor Complaint

    I think there's only a disconnect if your opinion is that porn is somehow diminishing to those who participate in it. If profiting from the exploitation of sexuality bothers you, then why don't you have a problem with sex toys? That's incredibly assumptive. I'd be willing to bet that most porn actresses would disagree with you. I'd wager that they're empowered by their sexuality, and that they made a conscious choice to pursue the career that they're in. Equally assumptive, but that's the tone of the conversation. I don't think the types of people who view women as objects are doing it because of porn. They're doing it because they're shitty people who aren't able to empathize with others. They don't just treat women as objects, they treat people as objects. What 'deteriorating sexual life of this country'? What are you even talking about? If anything, the fact that we have porn should be celebrated as proof of our country's sexual openness, not blamed for whatever made-up statistics you're talking about. I can't speak for Matt, but to me these aren't at all a part of the same spectrum. The only common denominator is vagina.
  8. MichaelStanford


    Let's shortcut this argument and say that I have different tastes than you do.
  9. MichaelStanford

    What's bothering you?

    http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/week-god-72 This is bothering me this week. tl;dr - a group in Kansas has filed a suit claiming that evolution is a religion, and therefor can't be taught in classrooms.
  10. MichaelStanford

    VPN with Zach Woods

  11. MichaelStanford

    Episode 106 — Rainbow Party Pitch

    Holy shit, Eric was amazing. Great episode. I wish the first set of improvisers (Nick, Erin, and Matt) would have gotten to do more scenes, though.
  12. MichaelStanford

    Episode 105 — Zombie Lisp

    And yet, here you are, totally not being oversensitive at all. You're getting upset about someone's opinion on milk and posters. Chill out. So let me get this straight - you were afraid that you'd be misrepresented, so to combat that you chose not to represent yourself? It's hard to feel sorry for you. You were given the opportunity to have a discussion, and instead chose to take the internet equivalent of 'talking about him behind his back' by bitching on the forums. I don't believe Matt is guilty of bullying anyone. I believe you're guilty of being offended on behalf of someone who wasn't. They're two hot babes wrestling in a kiddie pool full of jello, and you're a strict Protestant referee with a thousand PSI asshole. Again - chill the f out. Where was the spin? It seems like that's exactly why you didn't do it. You chose to circumvent the accountability of conversation and post on the forums instead. Let's rephrase that. You chose to talk about Matt instead of to Matt. Talking about someone is something that a bully would do. I also definitely believe that you were afraid to talk to Matt. Not because of a little shouting, but because you know you don't have a defensible position. Thomas didn't feel bullied, and you were upset on his behalf. There's really no argument to be made - your platform has no legs. You simply can't defend something that you can't defend, and you were afraid of that. But let's use your words. You have 'better things to do with your time' than to defend something for which you pretend to have conviction? If you're so 'anti-bullying' to the point where gentle ribbing about milk-drinking sends you into an internet rage, then I'd think you'd have more passion about it. You'd want to spread your anti-bullying message on as many mediums as possible. But you claim to have no time for that. More to the point, you claim to have no time for Matt. As if you're above him somehow. As if he isn't worth your time at all. My point here is that one of 3 things is true - 1) You're actually a bully yourself. You talk about people behind their backs and don't burden yourself with the responsibility of accountability, and you look down upon them as if they are inferior. 2) You actually couldn't care less about bullying. Your lack of conviction is pretty glaring even though you continue to pretend to be upset about silly things like "someone's opinion on posters". It's all a show, and you're milking this attention as much as you can. 3) You had a knee-jerk reaction to misinterpreted comedy and you're afraid to admit it. Whatever it is, man, one thing's for sure. You need to chill out.
  13. MichaelStanford

    What's bothering you?

    Maybe I should have asked the question first so that you guys don't just think this is me complaining
  14. MichaelStanford

    What's bothering you?

    What's bothering you, humans? My wife won't stop watching reality television. Normally that wouldn't bother me, but the shows she's been hooked on lately are completely uninteresting. They're over-produced and the drama is so incredibly manufactured that it's hard to even call it 'reality tv'. Shows like Ultimate Dance Competition, in which a grown lady shatters the dreams of children and Real Housewives of whatever county, where literally everyone hates each other and there is no plot. I'm a pretty good husband - maybe even the best. But I have a hell of a time containing my rage when these shows are on. I've been trying to tune them out and focus on writing things, but they're like creativity vacuums. They're so uninspiring that they actually render me unable to imagine. Beer isn't helping.
  15. MichaelStanford

    Episode 102 — Satan's Face

    Yay, Ben!