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  1. This fucking movie needs some thorough examination. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084504/
  2. jackstar7

    Episode 59 - Jon Gabrus - Spotlight On: Chris Gainz

    What the shit. How are there no comments for this episode yet? It's amazing. Go listen and find yourself changed as a person.
  3. Writing Funny Books gets me Funny Looks.
  4. jackstar7

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    Odd issue, but the links from the show/episode pages that are meant to connect to the boards/threads seem to be broken at this time. Is that going to get repaired?
  5. jackstar7

    The Pirate Movie (1982)

    It's been another two years, so I am back to bump this. Also, now that I work somewhere else, I will confess that while I was with EW I purchased copies of the movie and left them for the gang in their mailbox. I really hope it makes it into the queue at some point.
  6. jackstar7

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    I strongly support not engaging the dislike option(s). It creates a whole host of issues, even among a small community like this one. Your instincts are right on, as usual.
  7. jackstar7

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    This was a very funny podcast episode.
  8. Excellent to get this ahead of schedule. Also, another Quantum fan here. It's a delight. EDIT: Whoops... @ 41:36 Spont ad plays at the same time as the content...? EDIT2: Looks like I got the first mix uploaded last night. All sorted with a re-download.
  9. Amazing guest and ep.
  10. jackstar7

    No Kroll?

  11. jackstar7

    No Kroll?

    Noticed the closing "Earwolf" tag has changed. Weird.
  12. I heard noise in the file as well. Throughout the ep, actually, but mostly audible in the opening conversation.
  13. jackstar7

    Yeast Mode.

    Keepin' it brief.
  14. jackstar7


    That beard looks great.
  15. jackstar7

    The Season 2 Teaser Episode

    This is the best of times. I have no follow-up.
  16. This is terrific. This is all terrific. I never knew I needed this. Thank you Matt and Mark.
  17. Man. This episode is almost heartbreaking while it is silly and fun. They never saw it coming.
  18. jackstar7

    Episode 157 - Adam Pally, Our Bumper Recorder

    I have only 2 complaints about Hollywood Handbook at this point. 1) Each ep is far too short. 2) It's not giving me a political philosophy to which I can zealously adhere.
  19. jackstar7

    Episode 9 - Samantha Bee: Not Holding Back

    Very solid ep. Appreciated the discussion about free speech vs political correctness from these two brilliant women.
  20. Easily a top 10 guest. GREAT episode.
  21. jackstar7

    The Pirate Movie (1982)

    I've given it 2 1/2 years. Now I am bumping this. Please do The PIrate Movie. I will supply DVDs/Digital Files for hosts and guests.
  22. My number 1 vote for the HH 2015 Best Of Eps. Unrelated respect to Alexander Campbell.
  23. Juice Bar Genie is a landlord? Ah, I kid. This was delightful!