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  1. I think the 4E rules are fun but they are definately better suited for use with a game map. Plus the crew hasn't even bothered to study up on their characters so they miss out on a lot of cool class features (Mildred could have stopped a runaway or two from moving in the early episodes with her Combat Superiority). I think the 3.5/Pathfinder combat rules are boring though so I'm not sure what rules I would suggest for Sark. In any case I don't come here for solid mechanic discussion. Part of the fun is seeing the gang struggle with the rules in a humorous fashion. Comedy first. Gaming second.
  2. dblade

    Episode 13 — Up Goes The Lift

    I think it's helpful to post pertinent 4E rules. Most of the players have only skimmed the rules and don't understand how their powers work so it can be quite helpful to getting the most out of their character. If they like the written rules they can take the advice. If they prefer the house rules than Sark can stick with that. Either way the game is a great listen. On a related note, I'm glad Sarah started using the Wizards character builder so the proper bonuses were being applied. There were a few times the heroes missed attack rolls by a point or two and I was mentally yelling "Don't forget about the weapon proficiency bonus!"