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  1. Misleading Ninja

    EPISODE 111.5 — Minisode 111.5

    Jeez, why did I watch that movie???? It was so boring and pointless!
  2. Misleading Ninja

    Episode 72 — Toys

    Jeez, McWeeny is breathing like Darth Vader in the background the whole time!
  3. Misleading Ninja

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    Needs a colon
  4. Misleading Ninja

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    How awesome would this be? "Run, sisters, run! Christopher Columbus, this is such a mess! OH, PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, MY ASS, JUST RUNNNNNNNN!!!!"
  5. Misleading Ninja

    Episode 66 — Demolition Man: LIVE!

    Great episode! I love the live shows! But seriously, was Paul even in the same room? It was like he was yelling from the hall outside!
  6. Misleading Ninja

    Episode 65 — Howard the Duck: LIVE!

    This was a great episode & Kristen Schaal was fabulous! I'm sure it was great live, but by just listening, I can imagine it's really Louise in her bunny hat!
  7. Misleading Ninja

    Episode 64 — After Earth

    My favorite part is "It was built to be a book, a game, uh..." "...a cult"
  8. Misleading Ninja

    Episode 64 — After Earth

    I think you're giving too much credit to M. Night and not enough to Will Smith.
  9. Misleading Ninja

    Episode 63.5 — Minisode 63.5

    I can't believe you guys got us in trouble with Dad!
  10. Misleading Ninja

    Episode 63.5 — Minisode 63.5

    They could just do The Happening under assumed names. No one can trace it to them, no friends insulted, problem solved. "This week is hosted by Paul Schmear, Jane David Michaelangelo, and a random minority actor." SNEAKY!