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    Shark Facts

    Let me preface by saying that I don't know more about sharks than June knows about tornados, but sharks don't have lights inside them do they? If not, then this shark was apparently large enough to fit 2 people and a running chainsaw without harming either of them, but small enough for Fin to find Nova without needing a light?
  2. PaulS_from_another_mother

    Howard the Duck

    Late summer of 1986, my friend and my brother were going to the movies to see "One Crazy Summer"...Over the walk there, my friend eventually convinced my brother and I that we should see Howard the Duck instead. We relented and lost 110 minutes of the summer of '86 forever. To make matters comically worse, the Detroit Free Press had a nice little parental guide on all the naughty things in movies...for Howard the Duck, it listed "brief nudity"...IT WAS PAPER MACHE DUCK NUDITY!...Q. What's more arrousing than paper mache duck nudity. A. Everything!....Nevertheless, this was enough to get me and my brother grounded when my mom found out we went to this movie...Yes, this movie is sooooo bad, it LITERALLY got me grounded.