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  1. sparklett

    Questions for Blaine

    Since Blaine's our DM now, I thought he deserved a sticky thread like Sark's, in case he drops in. And in case you were wondering, this thread is brought to you by Brown Julius.
  2. sparklett

    Episode 74 β€” New Beginning

    I lost it at Brian's ad for some dude named Christian Mingle (from the makers of Jay Date.)
  3. sparklett

    Questions for Sark

    Since this is our last shot, off the top of my head: 1. What was the necromancer doing with the men, exactly? 2. What was the deal with 12-pack, the water village "elder"? And did he live? 3. What could Jayphe have done for the party? 4. Could they have saved Glinishmore? 5. How peaty is Glinishmore whisky? 6. Did podcasting change the flow of the game or your DM style at all? 7. What are your thoughts on coming out to the coast?
  4. sparklett

    Episode 49 β€” Battle Bot

    This episode only confirmed my suspicion that I want to be friends with Paget Brewster.
  5. sparklett

    Questions for Sark

    I remember Sark saying he had to frequently relinquish all of his worldly possessions (including role-playing books) due to frequent family moves– that was why finding his own old Top Secret S.I. books on ebay was such a big deal for him (and so creepy to Brian.)
  6. sparklett

    Episode 43 β€” Let's Hop Out and Kill Grandpa

    I nearly died when Sir Richard made an in-character Lebowski reference. Next week on NERD POKER: Amarth Amon [to old man]: This aggression will not stand, man.
  7. sparklett

    Other Celebrity Players?

    It's called HarmonQuest; Harmon, Spencer, et al. did a live recording of a different D&D campaign that will eventually be stop-motion animated by Starburns Industries. I may be wrong about the podcast thing-- I'm not sure how it's going to be distributed. Link: http://www.cinefamily.org/films/dungeons-dragons-the-movies/
  8. sparklett

    Questions for Sark

    Is Stargoyle indestructable?
  9. sparklett

    Other Celebrity Players?

    Steve Agee and Kumail Nanjiani have both been hilarious on the Harmontown D&D (without totally derailing it the way some of the other comedy guests do.)
  10. sparklett

    Other Celebrity Players?

    He hangs out at Meltdown and did an impromptu cameo on Harmontown-- they tried to get him to play D&D with them, but he wasn't up for it (at least on that particular day.)
  11. sparklett

    Other Celebrity Players?

    Aside from playing D&D in his own podcast, playing D&D another upcoming video podcast, and writing season 5 of Community and 1-2 other shows, you mean?
  12. sparklett

    Episode 40 β€” Going Back To The Choppa

    Reeeee! Stargoyle!
  13. sparklett

    Episode 40 β€” Going Back To The Choppa

    It wouldn't surprise me if Sark has killed a good number of NPC pets over the years considering how gleefully he wipes out player characters.
  14. sparklett

    Episode 34 β€” The Dark Planet

    Nothing until 7/31-- https://twitter.com/earwolf/status/359460299507634176 This week of dead is air is brought to you by drenching cold sweats and those bugs under your skin!
  15. sparklett

    Episode 35?

    Rats, just read Brian's tweet. No Episode 35 until 7/31. Blaine will have a LOT of dead air to sponsor. Yes, definitely, to both.