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  1. Oh thank god you were here to explain this for us.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's not a delusional feeling of righteousness when you're comparing yourself with people who see no problem saying the n word. In fact, I'm sure it's not. I guess good job defending all those defenseless racists?
  3. DressedLikeACow

    Episode 30 — Deeding The Zyrax

    Great episode. Blue Waffles are totally an urban legend tho.
  4. Won't someone please stand up for the white people?
  5. Do you kiss your mother with that lack of empathy for your fellow humans?
  6. It's just a word that has been associated with the systematic kidnapping, enslavement, political oppression and extra-judicial murders of a vast swath of the human race.
  7. This is the second time you've done this, just say what you want to say instead of pretending there's some salient point everyone missed.
  8. You're right, we just learned it was not in their top ten problems, and that anyone who pointed out that the other top ten problems were due to institutionalized racism was obfuscating the issue. Not really a shining moment.
  9. Generalizing about an area is not the same as institutionalized racism. Generalization is not nearly as detrimental to the residents of the midwest, or south, or whatever as racism is to the genuinely oppressed. On that level it's not really a comparison. It is weak, however, to absolve the producers of racist content because you're friends with them, and then blame racist media on its audience rather than on its producers. I think Andrew Ti wouldn't let anyone get away with that on the blog, but he does on the podcast for whatever reason.