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  1. JohnD.Ivy

    Episode 81.5 — Minisode 81.5

    Congrats, speaking as the composer of the Second Opinions Themes they've been using for weeks but have NEVER credited.
  2. JohnD.Ivy

    Episode 77 — Hudson Hawk

    Not too far from what I was going for (glittering 80's pre-teen fantasy)! (I also did last week's, which was totally inspired by the Congo ep.)
  3. https://soundcloud.com/johndivy/plugs-kraftwerk "Kraftwerk" does a Plugs song. Resubmitting, because I love myself too much.
  4. JohnD.Ivy

    Episode 77 — Hudson Hawk

    Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/johndivy/second-opinions-june
  5. JohnD.Ivy

    Episode 76 — Fair Game

    Next Level Bongos.
  6. JohnD.Ivy

    Kraftwerk Plugged In

    Oops - forgot to enable downloads. Fixed.
  7. Kraftwerk were fans of Comedy Bang Bang in the late 70's when it was a popular radio show. This was their plugs theme submission. https://soundcloud.com/johndivy/plugs-kraftwerk
  8. Is there an administrative reason this thread from 2012 got moved to the top? Are we supposed to be posting links in here now, or is the regular forum still good?
  9. https://soundcloud.c...lugs-w-announce Short, vocal, upbeat. Enjoy.